Meet Dr. Darlena Ciraulo: Region 2 Chapter Advisor of the Year

Darlena Ciraulo 2

NSCS is proud to have more than 320 chapters across the country. Each year, we present Advisors from four of those chapters — one from each region — with a Regional Chapter Advisor of the Year Award. We are proud to announce that for 2021, the recipient for our Region 2 Chapter Advisor of the Year Award is Dr. Darlena Ciraulo from University of Central Missouri. Congratulations, Darlena!

Dr. Ciraulo has been an NSCS Chapter Advisor for two years, beginning in April of 2019. Since then, she has advised and organized hundreds of students at University of Central Missouri. Others remark that she is always positive and encouraging. She shows up to each meeting ready to help plan activities and get the ball rolling.

NSCS places a huge emphasis on professional development, and Dr. Ciraulo shares our dedication to that goal. She helps her advisees identify the ways in which they can improve, not only academically, but also through soft skills and community involvement. Students know that Dr. Ciraulo cares about each one of them. She always offers individual advice and support, treating each student with honor.

Dr. Ciraulo was nominated for this award by Holly Barclay. Gretchen Perlinger, NSCS Chapter President at University of Central Missouri, also had this to say about Dr. Ciraulo:

“I’ve enjoyed being able to know that I can call her if something comes up that I need her to help with.”

In other words, Dr. Ciraulo is reliable and dependable — two traits we are sure she would agree are ideal in a student and NSCS member. 

We are thankful to have Dr. Ciraulo in her continued role as Chapter Advisor, and we know she’ll help guide numerous more students as they seek a well-rounded college experience. Thank you, Dr. Ciraulo, and congratulations once again.

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