NSCS isn’t just a membership. It’s access to a network of over 1 million members. It’s access to opening doors to opportunity.

About NSCS

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) is an honors organization that recognizes and elevates high-achieving students. NSCS provides career and graduate school connections, leadership and service opportunities, and provides exclusive scholarships, awards, and chapter funds.

Our Members

NSCS members are deeply committed to scholarship, leadership, and service, and as a result, they are impacting their campus and local communities every day.

NSCS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1994 on the campus of The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. NSCS is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and is a recognized organization at nearly 300 campuses across the country.

A Conversation With Prominent NSCS Members

Meet some of our most outstanding NSCS members as they share their unique stories and experiences since they joined The National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

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Scholar Benefits

NSCS is proud to provide our members with educational opportunities and outstanding member benefits.

Honorary Members

Meet our most distinguished NSCS Members. The Distinguished Honorary Membership is awarded to those who have made unique and influential contributions to NSCS or their campus & local communities.


Want to get the most out of college? Want career advice? Are you looking for ways to connect with your peers or to get involved in service projects? We are here to help. Meet the staff of NSCS

Active Minds & NSCS

NSCS is proud to partner with Active Minds, the leading nonprofit organization that empowers students to speak openly about mental health in order to educate others, encourage help-seeking, and prevent suicide. See how NSCS and Active Minds have come together to change the conversation around mental health.

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