More than $500,000 annually in 26 different national scholarships


A commitment to scholarship, leadership and service – we’ve got something for every type of student


Discounts and deals on everything from travel to educational programs


What makes NSCS not only a legitimate honor society but also so unique


Proudly recognizing and supporting our diverse members

“I think what we bring that’s unique is an opportunity, early in the college experience, to be recognized for your college academic success”.

Steve Loflin (founder)


NSCS awards $500,000 annually in undergraduate scholarships, awards, and chapter funds to help our members attain their goals and commend them for outstanding academic excellence, leadership, and service achievements.


NSCS members are viewed as leaders in their education community and organize annually at the NSCS Leadership Summit. Members also have access to career resources, leadership development, and much more.


NSCS is a nationwide community of member scholars, officers, advisors, partners, employers, sponsors, and more. NSCS Chapters plan activities such as networking events, social gatherings, and community service projects regularly.


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Meet Steve Loflin,
NSCS’ Founder

Witness the story of how one crazy idea from the mind of Steve Loflin manifested into the nation’s premier honor society for high-achieving scholars, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. This video discusses NSCS’ origins, programs, benefits, credentials, and much more.


NSCS Opens Doors to Opportunity

Distinguish yourself from your peers.

Learn how to join our community of high-achieving scholars. 

What door will NSCS open for you? 

Step One

Attend an accrediated 2-year, 4-year, or online institution.

Step Two

Be a first- or second-year student with a 3.4 cumulative GPA or above.

Step Three

Accept your official invitation of nomination to join the Society