Meet Mr. Christopher Woodward: Region 3 Chapter Advisor of the Year

Chris Woodward

NSCS is proud to announce Mr. Christopher Woodward as the winner of the 2021 Region 3 Chapter Advisor of the Year Award. With more than 320 NSCS chapters across four regions, this award puts Mr. Woodward in exclusive company. It’s an honor well-deserved!

Mr. Woodward has served as an NSCS Chapter Advisor at Full Sail University since January, 2020. Although he is one of our newer chapter advisors, he has really hit the ground running and made a dramatic difference in students’ lives.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, which proved to be two unprecedented years in the academic world, Mr. Woodward quickly became the glue holding the Full Sail NSCS chapter together. He coordinated remote meetings and helped others get up to speed on the necessary technology to attend. He also listened to creative feedback from fellow NSCS advisors and members and used that feedback to improve his approach.

Those who know him describe Mr. Christopher Woodward as thoughtful and inspiring. He has mastered the ability to balance professionalism with humor, and he can always put a smile on a student’s face while still managing to address their concerns or queries. As co-host of Full Sail University’s NSCS induction ceremony, his upbeat personality engaged the audience.

When asked about Mr. Woodward’s approach, Cristina Marie remarked “Chris has been such an amazing advisor and a true blessing to the Full Sail chapter.”

R.H. Elkhatib, the Chapter President of Full Sail University, also had great things to say about Mr. Woodward. He remarked, “He is always available and ready to do whatever he can to facilitate the needs of the chapter officers so that they can do their jobs.”

Congratulations, Christopher! NSCS is lucky to have you as a Chapter Advisor, and we look forward to many more years of your exceptional service.

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