Chapter Benefits

Your NSCS Membership provides access to a community of like-minded scholars and special chapter-only events.

Chapter-only events + a community of like-minded scholars

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NSCS is proud to have chapters at higher education institutions across the country, plus an NSCS Global Chapter for members with no chapter on their campus.

Your NSCS Membership provides you access to a community of like-minded scholars, special chapter-only events, and an opportunity to apply to building leadership skills by volunteering with your chapter.

Through one of our Chapter Leadership Roles, you will gain skills in managing operations, creative thinking, programming design and execution, engagement initiatives, team collaboration, and while building career experiences to add to your resume.

Many of our members could engage in leadership roles and local activities through their NSCS chapters at school. However, if your school doesn’t have a chapter yet, there are alternative ways to participate in your NSCS membership actively.

NSCS Global Chapter:

You can join the NSCS Global Chapter, offering leadership roles, virtual networking events, and monthly meetings with members nationwide. For those seeking a more immersive experience, consider initiating a chapter at your school as a founding officer.


NSCS chapters embody each member’s dedication to scholarship, leadership, and service, grounded in integrity.

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NSCS membership, like the bonds formed early in a scholar’s academic journey, lasts a lifetime. Immediate chapter membership upon joining allows members to connect with local peers who share a commitment to academic excellence. Engaging with the local chapter is an exceptional way to build relationships, refine leadership skills, and gain community service experience.

Questions About Chapters?

Reach out to Holly H. Barclay, Senior Manager of Chapter Operations and Development, for support

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