Can NSCS Membership Aid in a More Lucrative Career?


Joining NSCS can really transform your college experience. Members often receive more scholarships, get more opportunities to participate in internships, and develop useful leadership skills by joining programs such as National Leadership Council. One benefit of NSCS membership that we don’t discuss as often is the opportunity for a more lucrative career. Our members often have an easier time finding a job after graduation. Then, they are able to progress in their careers and increase their earning potential more effectively as time goes on. Here’s a closer look at some of the ways NSCS membership can lead to a more lucrative career.

Higher Earning Potential in Your First Job

Now more than ever, employers are looking to hire graduates who have a developed, diverse skill set. By joining NSCS, you have an opportunity to hone your leadership, management, and public speaking skills. You’ll graduate with more than knowledge of your subject matter. You’ll have more soft skills that are useful in the workplace. Therefore, you’ll be qualified for more jobs and for higher-paying jobs when you enter the workforce. When you start in a higher-paying position, it is easier to remain in higher-paying positions and to keep increasing your pay as you move up the ladder.

More Opportunities

As an NSCS member, you will have opportunities to meet recent graduates who are working in the industry where you want to work. You’ll also meet senior leaders in your industry. This often leads to more job offers after graduation. When you have multiple job offers, you can often negotiate a higher starting salary. Having multiple offers gives you the upper hand over your potential employers. Negotiating a higher starting salary often means you’ll be able to keep earning more and moving up as time goes on.

Mentorship Skills

Many NSCS members end up with mentors who guide them through their college experience and through their first few years in the workforce. As you work with a mentor, you can observe the ways that they mentor you and your fellow members. Later on, you can use those same skills to mentor others in your field. Senior employees with mentorship skills are often highly sought-after in the job market. When a company finds that you’re able to effectively mentor and train their newer hires, that will make you more valuable and increase your earning potential. 

A Community Mindset

So often, those who are most successful in the workplace are those who are able to work with a community mindset. They focus not just on their own good, but on what’s good for the whole company. As an NSCS member, you will learn to develop that community mindset. Service, after all, is one of our Three Pillars. Our chapters get involved with local, charitable organizations and do a lot of volunteer work. If you keep up with this mindset and maintain your connections in the community post-graduation, you’ll go far!

International Opportunities

NSCS offers several opportunities for study abroad scholarships. If you’re a member who takes advantage of these options, you’ll get a chance to expand your worldview in unimaginable ways. This international perspective may open up new, more lucrative career opportunities. It may also directly lead to opportunities to work for international companies, which can increase your earning potential.

If you’ve been thinking of joining NSCS, here’s one more reason to take membership seriously. Joining NSCS won’t just transform your college years. It will increase your earning potential and open so many more doors for your long-term career. We’re excited to have you join us.

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