NSCS Advisor of the Year Winners 2020-2021


NSCS is so thankful to our advisors. These advisors help guide members along their own journeys, organize induction ceremonies and other events, and provide general leadership in their chapters. Each year, we honor our advisors with the Advisor of the Year Awards. We’re pleased to introduce this year’s recipients.

Pamela Heard

Dr. Pamala Heard

Dr. Heard has been the NSCS Chapter Advisor at Jackson State University for more than 6 years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she organized an online induction ceremony. She has also recorded an incredible motivational message that NSCS has begun using at all of our national induction ceremonies.

Jamee McAdoo, Jackson State’s Chapter President, had this to say about Dr. Heard:

“We faced many challenges with this unprecedented year, but through it all, Dr. Heard was consistently organized, goal-oriented, and encouraging.”

Nisrine Smith

Region 1:  

Advisor of the Year: Ms. Nisrine Smith

Hailing from Strayor University, Ms. Smith has been a chapter advisor for 5 years. She was presented with this award because of her quick responses to student questions, her deep knowledge and understanding of student affairs, and the initiative she takes to keep her chapter running smoothly.

Darlena Ciraulo 2

Region 2:  

Advisor of the Year: Dr. Darlena Ciraulo

From the University of Central Missouri, Dr. Ciraulo is being honored for the personalized support she is able to offer each student in the organization. She has guided students in their professional development and helps organize community service projects.

Chris Woodward

Region 3:  

Advisor of the Year: Mr. Christopher Woodward

From Full Sail University, Mr. Woodward is known for the thoughtful advice he gives students. Coworkers and students alike admire his ability to balance professionalism and humor. His chapter’s VP of social media had this to say about him,

““Christopher Woodward has been the glue that has held the Full Sail NSCS Chapter together.”

Ryan Zimmerman

Region 4:  

Advisor of the Year: Dr. Ryan Zimmerman

Dr. Zimmerman has is an NSCS advisor at Weber State University. He was nominated for his excellent communication skills and dedicated involvement in the chapter. He is known to promote all three pillars of NSCS membership: scholarship, leadership, and service.

Reneta Lansiquot
Tamrah Cunningham

Chapter Co-Advisor Team of the Year: Dr. Reneta Lansiquot, Professor Tamrah Cunningham

At NSCS, we always emphasize the importance of teamwork and collaboration. For this reason, it is a real honor to name a Chapter Co-Advisor Team of the Year. These two advisors from New York City College of Technology really embody what it means to collaborate effectively.

The Chapter President of City Tech has this to say about our winning Co-Advisor team:

“They help to develop the leadership potential within the group and promote a strong working relationship with all the officers.”

Laura Craig

New Advisor of the Year: Dr. Laura Craig

Sometimes, we have an advisor who really hits the ground running and does an amazing job from day one. These advisors are deserving of our New Advisor of the Year Award. This year’s winner is from San Diego State College. Dr. Craig engages with the board, helps members grow in their leadership positions, and has become a resource of members and officers.

These advisors are being presented with an award for founding new NSCS chapters at their respective universities:

Annette Williams
Ms. Annette Williams Fields: University of Arkansas Pine Bluff
Terra James
Ms. Terra James: University of Texas of the Permian Basin
Kim Retzlaff
Ms. Kim Retzladd: University of Nebraska Omaha

Congratulations to all of our winners! We appreciate all that you do for your local NSCS chapters, and for our national honors society as a whole.

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