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National Leadership Council

The National Leadership Council (NLC) is a student advisory board comprising of specially selected NSCS members who advise the NSCS Board of Directors and national staff. For each term, the selected members serve on the NLC from May to June. NLC members are chosen based on their dedication, service, and commitment to NSCS. Ideal candidates exhibit leadership, academic excellence, and community involvement throughout their academic careers and continue to demonstrate these skills while serving on the NLC. Two members of the NLC are selected to serve a one-year term on the NSCS Board of Directors as the President and Vice President of the NLC.

Serving on this prestigious advisory board gives each member valuable experience working with a national program and an incredible chance to contribute to the mission and overall success of NSCS.

Meet The National Leadership Council

Stephanie Cahill

Stephanie Cahill


Arizona State University

Deion Heinen

Deion Heinen

Vice President

North Dakota State University

Abigail Sepich

Abigail Sepich

George Washington University

Allison Banks

Allison Banks

University of Memphis

Dwayne Wiggins

Dwayne Wiggins

Full Sail University

Francisco Guerrero

Francisco Guerrero

Arizona State University

Jared Blume

Jared Blume

Collin College


If selected to serve on the NLC, what can I expect?

If you are selected, you would advise NSCS headquarters on what our members want/need as well as advising other chapter officers across the country. In addition, you would be asked to assist with various projects throughout the year to strengthen our NSCS programs and awareness. Examples of this include social media, videos, blog posts, communicating with chapter officers, writing reviews, judging contests, and demoing new technology.

How much regional travel does the position entail?

There are two in-person meetings over the summer. One is for your training and the other is for training the incoming NLC as you transition off the board. Some NLC members travel to visit nearby chapters for New Member Induction Ceremonies or special events, but the majority of the role is done virtually.

How many hours can I expect to spend on NLC commitments?

Time commitment varies throughout the year dependent on the needs of the organization. On average, NLC members spend anywhere from 5-15 hours a month on their NLC duties. Certain members of the NLC have greater responsibilities which require more hours at times, such as the President and Vice President. The one consistent obligation is a monthly, one-hour conference call with the board.

What is the application process? What stages are there, if any?

First, submit your initial application. Finalists will be selected to move onto the phone interview stage. From that group of finalists, we choose the next NLC.

Can anyone apply?

You must be an NSCS member to apply. You do not need to be an officer to apply.

When is the NLC announced?

Announcements are typically made in late April.

Is this a paid position?

The position is a volunteer role, not a paid position.

What if I am graduating in December?

You can still apply for the NLC if you are graduating in December and willing to serve the full term.

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