30 Years of Impact: Celebrating the National Society of Collegiate Scholars

national society of collegiate scholars

Thirty years ago, an idea sparked within me—a simple yet powerful notion that would change how we honor academic excellence and prepare future leaders. What if students were recognized for their achievements early in their educational journey? What if an organization recognized these students’ achievements while paving the way to success with leadership opportunities?

During my undergraduate years, I became highly involved in first-year experience programs, developing a deep interest in the first—and second-year student experience. However, my college campus experience revealed a significant gap: students transitioning from high school to college were not receiving the recognition they deserved, nor were they provided a support system for their success. This realization propelled me to pursue a Master’s in college student development, further fueling my determination to create an organization to bridge this gap and set these students up for a successful future.

We initiated the first NSCS chapter at George Washington University, holding our inaugural induction ceremony on April 30th, 1994. Now, three decades later, our impact endures. Today, we celebrate 30 years, 300 chapters, millions in scholarships, and our lifetime commitment to recognizing and preparing our scholars for success. NSCS has been instrumental in recognizing the top 20% of academic achievers and equipping them with practical ways to earn more scholarship money, gain access to better leadership, internships, and job opportunities, and become more well-rounded scholars. This is the impact we are proud of and continue to strive for.

As we commemorate our 30th anniversary, we also want to celebrate you—the catalyst for our three decades of impact. Your steadfast commitment to education and your future has fueled our journey. We will celebrate our 30th birthday all year and have exciting announcements for you. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with these special announcements.

Thank you for 30 years of inspiration, dedication, and shared success. Here’s to 30 more!

Warm regards,

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Steve Loflin


The National Society of Collegiate Scholars

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