Is NSCS Worth It?

Given the assortment of programs, resources, connections, support, and savings, and the content we provide to prepare you for your future careers, an NSCS membership truly is worth it.

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Watch interviews of NSCS student members and chapter presidents.

They explain why joining NSCS is worth it and how the honor society brings in positive values to the life of its members. Meet a team of high-achievers who have  benefited by NSCS.

Follow their journey

Follow the journey of these four NSCS members who realized that joining NSCS was truly worth the one-time, lifetime fee and a valuable step in their college career.

01 Stephanie Cahill is NSCS Worth It

Stephanie Cahill

Arizona State University

Paid the one-time, lifetime fee

  •  Elected Chapter Officer
  • Elected to  Leadership Council
  • Recipient of Board of Directors $1K scholarship
  • $800 travel stipend


  • Over $1,800
  • Council Representation – $800 travel stipend
Shadrique Johnson NSCS

Shadrique Johnson

Howard University

Paid the one-time, lifetime fee
  • Received a FREE resume review ($199 value)
  • Identified 10 scholarships in the new Hub PLUS Portal valued at $25K
  • Attended induction


  • Over $50 and counting
  • Access to 8K scholarships exclusive to members
  • Priceless!
04 Chloe Reynolds is NSCS Worth It

Chloe Reynolds

George Mason University

Paid the one-time, lifetime fee

  • Interned at NSCS HQ
  • Selected as the recipient of the $2,500 Community College Transition Award
  • Added NSCS to her resume


  • Over $2,400
    Internship and existing
  • NSCS network at her new school
  • Incomparable!
09 Chester Rihn is NSCS Worth It

Chester Rihn

University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

Paid the one-time, lifetime fee

  • Interned with Absolute Internship in Sweden and received the $100 off NSCS member discount
  • Volunteered with NSCS chapter
  • Attended Induction Ceremony


  • 100% return on membership fee
  • Once in a lifetime internship as a digital intern abroad and volunteered with the local chapter
  • Life changing!


“Thousands of people nationwide are going to graduate with your exact same major and GPA and I honestly believe that being involved in NSCS is the best way to distinguish yourself. Unlike some other honor societies, NSCS is about creating leaders, not just inducting members.”
Jullien Gordon,
University of California, Los Angeles
“Students get so overwhelmed so easily with the scholarship process. It’s a very daunting process. NSCS is different. They offer scholarships for members only, and they offer multiple winners for each scholarship.”
Lauren Tan,
Loyola University Chicago
“From leadership experience, to lifelong memories, to new opportunities, NSCS has been at the center of my collegiate growth.”
Melissa Kathan,
University of Buffalo
“Because of NSCS I have participated in multiple political campaign internships that would not have been available to me if I had not been a part of this organization.”
Rachel Layrisson,
Florida State University
“NSCS is the real deal. They’ve given me real opportunities connecting me to real people. And even as an alumni, I’ve gotten so many opportunities out of this.”
Daniela Espinosa,
University of Tampa
“NSCS paid off tremendously, and it’s, it’s developed me as a person, not just as a student. It’s brought me out of my shell as a president and an officer.”
Alex Rye,
Michigan State University
“NSCS has provided me with experiences that not only have strengthened my leadership skills but also have made me a better person.”
Beatriz Reyes,
Florida Atlantic University
“It is these values of service and leadership, even more than the academics, that I admire in NSCS. The most important aspects of my life to date have been rooted in these two integral values, and I look forward to moving forward with NSCS.”
Terence Hughes,
Dartmouth College
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