Ambassador Chat Files: What are the Advantages of NSCS Membership?


Before joining any organization, it’s wise to research what that organization has to offer. Some organizations are very one-sided, and the advantages of joining can be summed up in one sentence or a few words. NSCS is a little more complex than that — and we consider that to be a good thing! There is not one single reason to join, but instead multiple advantages of joining.

If you’re researching NSCS and considering whether a membership is worthwhile, we invite you to read some of the following questions we’ve received on our chat tool. Our ambassadors answer these questions — typically with responses highlighting their own experiences and the advantages they have personally had because of their own NSCS membership.

Here’s one question that recently came through:

Is it honestly worth joining or is it just a club to say you’re part of a club?

This is a common concern among prospective members. They worry that they’re just paying for a line to put on their resume. Thankfully, our student members quickly learn that’s not the case once they join. The ambassador’s response to this question really drove that point home:

“It might seem like that’s all you get, but I was a member for 2 years and I received NSCS member scholarships… Now I’m an officer for my chapter and I really do feel like you get more and more benefits the longer you stay.”

Then, later on, she added:

“NSCS also scouts for internships and emails you all of the opportunities!”

With as hard as it can be to find good internships these days, we want to point this out as a huge advantage of joining NSCS. We’re glad this ambassador thought to mention it. Many of our members have used their internships to transition into their first career jobs after graduation.

Another prospective member very directly asked in the chat,

“Do you feel you benefit from the membership?”

The particular ambassador who replied to this one is an example of a student who has really taken advantage of all NSCS has to offer. She responded:

“I do. I’ve been an active member in my chapter and taken advantage of the community service and some workshops we’ve had. I also joined the officer board last year, so those are some nice leadership points on the resume. In terms of national benefits, I applied for my first scholarship this semester, and am planning to keep applying for as many as I can before I graduate. And finally, I’m currently working as an intern for the national office, and it has really been a great experience so far.”

Internships, scholarships, community service, workshops… those are all excellent experiences for anyone to have in college, and we’re confident they’ll help this ambassador launch a successful career once she graduates. These opportunities are available to all NSCS members. Not every member takes advantage of as many opportunities as this ambassador, and that’s okay. It’s up to each student to tailor their experiences to suit their own needs — but those experiences are ready and waiting for those members who are interested.

We totally understand why students would want to make sure an NSCS membership is worthwhile before joining. With so many scams and illegitimate “honors societies” out there, it’s important to do your due diligence. But rest assured: there are some real advantages of joining NSCS. Our members benefit from their experiences, not just while they are in school, but after graduation when they enter the workforce, as well.

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