Ambassador Chat Files: Addressing Honor Society Scam Concerns


There are a lot of scams on the internet. It’s really unfortunate, and there’s probably not much that you, personally, can do about it. However, you can do your research before joining an organization and make sure that organization is legitimate. That’s why we’re never upset when we get asked “is NSCS a scam?” We are actually glad students are asking this question before joining. We would not want our members or prospective members to fall prey to a scam, and we do not fault them for making sure we’re not a scam before joining.

NSCS is not a scam. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Instead, we will point you towards our members and let them share their experiences with you. In reading about these experiences, our hope is that you will conclude for yourself that NSCS is a legitimate and beneficial organization for students to join.

Here are a few versions of the question “is NSCS a scam” that our ambassadors have received via our chat feature:

“Honestly at first I thought it was a scam because I did not apply for it. What does your chapter specifically do?”

“Hey this is the second like “honor society” and the other one seemed like a scam so I’m here to find out more about this one’”

There are some “scam” honors societies out there that will gladly accept members’ dues, and then give those students nothing in return. Some of our members and prospective members have gotten emails or invitations from scam honors societies in the past, so they want to make sure NSCS is different before they join. They’re doing their due diligence. Our ambassadors can easily share their own experiences and assure these students that they are not being scammed.

We love this one ambassador’s response, in particular:

“Yeah it really felt like a scam to me too. So my chapter like other chapters work with other clubs mostly for school activities. It’s been hard to do anything with everything being online, but each chapter is different. We have meetings so we can talk about opportunities.”

She really acknowledges the prospective member’s concerns and assures her that she also thought NSCS might be a scam, but that after joining, she learned differently. We also like that she points out how every chapter is different. We love that about our organization. Every college or university is different, so we appreciate that our individual chapters are able to adapt and offer services that are most beneficial for the unique needs of students at each school. Our chapters have done a great job of transitioning to more online interaction through 2020, too!

Here’s another good response. This ambassador was direct with their answer, explaining all that NSCS has to offer. She said:

“This is an honors society that recognizes high achieving first- and second-year students. It provides all members with scholarship, internship and abroad opportunities, webinars, exclusive discounts and (most importantly for me) an amazing network of members.”

We love how this response illustrates how multi-faceted NSCS membership is. From internships to webinars, we cover a lot of bases and offer a lot of value for our members on multiple fronts.

NSCS is a legitimate honors society, and a society that aims to do as much as possible for its members. We don’t blame prospective members for asking whether we’re a scam, because we’re confident in the answer: “No!”

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