Ambassador Chat Files: Is NSCS Really Worth It?


You have limited resources, so it makes sense that you would want to invest those resources wisely. Our NSCS members and prospective members tend to be very wise and responsible students, so we’re not surprised that we often get asked questions like “is NSCS really worth it?”

In fact, this is one of the most common questions that come into our chat service.

“Hey! I was just wondering how helpful is NSCS? Is it worth being a part of?”

“Do you feel you benefit from the membership?”

“Is it honestly worth joining or is it just a club to say you’re part of a club?”

These are all real questions we’ve received, and they are all questions our ambassadors have been happy to answer. We are glad that prospective members are doing their research and looking into our organization before joining. We would do the same thing ourselves, especially considering how many scams are out there these days!

Our ambassadors love answering questions like this because they can draw on their own experiences with NSCS in doing so. They are not just giving prospective members a canned answer along the lines of “yes, it’s worth it!” They can explain how NSCS has been worth it for them, and those first-hand stories are worth so much more than a simple “yes.”

Three of the primary benefits of joining NSCS are scholarship opportunities, leadership experience, and networking opportunities. These benefits are well illustrated in some of the replies our ambassadors have sent to people who ask if NSCS is worth it.

When asked how membership benefited her, one ambassador responded,

“I’ve been an active member in my chapter and taken advantage of the community service and some workshops we’ve had. I also joined the officer board last year… I applied for my first scholarship this semester, and am planning to keep applying for as many as I can before I graduate. And finally, I’m currently working as an intern for the national office…”

That’s just one member! From community service, to leadership experience as an officer, to scholarships, to internships, of course this NSCS membership has been worth it to her.

Here’s another response from an ambassador:

“If you plan on applying to graduate school, medical school etc. it is a way to show how well you did your first years of college.”

It’s not always easy to set yourself apart when applying for graduate programs, and as this ambassador points out, NSCS membership is a way to do that. If it helps you get into a graduate program, then it’s certainly worth it.

Finally, we’d like to share one more ambassador’s response to the question, “Is NSCS really worth it?”

“I felt really hesitate to join NSCS but now I’m an officer for my chapter! NSCS has a lot of benefits for students! Including $1 million in scholarships, internship opportunities, resume building and training! NSCS is an honors society so it is helpful in the long run to be apart of your schools chapter!”

Even this ambassador points out that she was hesitant to join in the beginning. We’d like to reframe that hesitation as wise caution. She only wanted to join an organization that could legitimately help her. She decided that NSCS would be worth it, and her experience verified that conclusion.

NSCS is worth it, but don’t just take our word for it. Take the word of our ambassadors — students who have experienced that worth for themselves! We welcome you to ask any additional questions you may have; we want our members to join with confidence and clarity.

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