What Does It Mean To Be a Student Leader?


NSCS is proud to offer students many different opportunities to improve their leadership skills and grow in their ability to collaborate with others. One such opportunity is that of student leadership. NSCS members have the opportunity to join the National Leadership Council as student leaders. In this position, the student leaders advise the NSCS Board of Directors and help guide the direction of the society.

Serving as a student leader on the National Leadership Council is a prestigious opportunity and one to consider as you join NSCS. Keep reading to learn a bit more about this leadership experience including how to apply and what’s expected of you as a student leader.

What Is the National Leadership Council?

The National Leadership Council is a group of student leaders who have been specially selected to collaborate with the NSCS Board of Directors. The NLC is active every May and June for about six weeks. So, if you are selected as student leader, you can expect to spend a little under two months in the position. You’ll learn and grow a lot during these two months — we promise!

How Do You Qualify to Be a Student Leader?

Any NSCS member who is interested in applying to be a student leader on the NLC can do so. Student leaders are selected based on their adherence to the Three Pillars: Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. If you’re a brand new member, you may want to spend a few months gaining other experiences to build your application before applying. However, we have had some new members with exemplary outside experience be selected as student leaders in the past. If you think you embody the Three Pillars, we encourage you to apply.

There are two stages to the selection process. First, we evaluate paper applications. Then, we conduct phone interviews with the finalists. We announce the student leaders for the NLC each April. If selected, this gives you a few weeks to plan and prepare for your new position.

Do Student Leaders Get to Travel?

Yes! Student leaders do get to travel to the two in-person meetings over the summer. The first is a training meeting, and the second is a meeting with the NSCS Board of Directors. Outside of this, a lot of your duties can be fulfilled either virtually or through your local chapter. Some NLC students travel to other Induction Ceremonies and events, but this isn’t typically required.

Is Being a Student Leader a Full-Time Commitment?

No. Student leaders are able and encouraged to work or attend classes while serving in this position. Student leaders on the NLC typically only spend 15 hours or fewer completing their duties each month. This may not seem like a lot of time, but the hours you spend are very engaged ones. You’ll be learning hands-on from the NSCS Board of Directors. Some NLC student leaders also help create social media content, videos, and blogs for NSCS. It’s a fun, creative, and varied position, but not a full-time commitment.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of what it means to become an NLC student leader. This is one of the greatest honors to receive as an NSCS member, and it is also an experience that will help you grow as a student and future professional. Leadership is one of the Three Pillars, and we really encourage all of our members to seek out leadership opportunities like this one.

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