What Leadership Opportunities Does NSCS Offer?


One of the Three Pillars of NSCS is leadership. We strongly believe in helping all of our members develop into stronger, more confident leaders. Alumni often reach out to us and share how the leadership skills they developed as NSCS members have served them well, not only in their first positions but throughout their careers. Not everyone is born a leader, but everyone has the ability to hone their leadership skills and strengthen the core tenants that make a good leader.

So, what leadership opportunities do our members enjoy? We like to offer a variety, allowing each member to pick and choose the experiences they feel will best foster their own development. Most of our leadership opportunities fall into one of three categories.

Chapter Leadership

Each NSCS chapter needs confident, relatable leaders to keep members informed, organize events, and orchestrate decision-making. Chapter Presidents lead the chapter, and others in leadership council contribute greatly. Organizing a large group of students is something most chapter leaders have not done before. As such, we offer a lot of guidance to those in this role, but we also step back as chapter leaders come into their own and polish their abilities.

Serving as a chapter leader gives you a chance to meet others on your campus. Many will be students in different majors and degree programs from your own. Leading a diverse group of students with different specialties and skill sets is similar to leading an office or team in the workplace. So, you’ll relate to this experience often as you move into the work world.

National Leadership Council

Another way NSCS opens doors for future leaders is through the National Leadership Council. This is an advisory board of students who sit alongside the NSCS Board of Directors to offer feedback and perspective. We rely on our National Leadership Council to guide policy and decision-making on a national level.

Students who serve on the National Leadership Council learn how to interact with a board, how to navigate important meetings, and how to speak up for others. They get the inside scoop on how organizations like NSCS run. When you graduate, having already served on a leadership board will open so many doors in your career. Many students who have participating in this program feel better prepared to walk into a management position straight out of college.

Community Projects

Many NSCS chapters are closely tied to community organizations and work with those organizations to better the community around them. For instance, some of our chapters partner with their local YMCA branches.

Students who participate in these community volunteer opportunities are often called upon to guide and lead a group of volunteers. Organizing a group of people towards a common goal teaches you to inspire and motivate others. It can also teach you the importance of empathy and flexibility as a leader. Developing these skills while also doing meaningful work for the community is the epitome of NSCS membership. It embodies all Three Pillars: scholarshipleadership, and service.

If you would like to develop your skills as a leader, we encourage you to consider joining NSCS. Our honors society allows every member to customize their experience. So, you can engage with the leadership and volunteer opportunities that are most in line with your passions and your need for growth. We hope to see some of you as future chapter leaders, National Leadership Council members, and change-makers in the community.

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