Why It’s Worth Joining The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)


Is joining the National Society of Collegiate Scholars really worth it? We think so, but don’t just take our word for it! Here is a look at some cold, hard facts and accounts from students that demonstrate the real value of an NSCS membership.

The Facts:

NSCS offers over $500,000 worth of scholarships. College is expensive — that’s no secret. Our members have access to a wide range of different scholarships and awards that can make college more affordable and reduce financial strain during their time in school. Additionally, our new Hub PLUS, available to premium members, offers access to an another $100 million in scholarship money.

NSCS members have access to resume review sessions. A good resume is key to landing that perfect position, and NSCS helps its members craft resumes that really stand out.

NSCS members gain leadership experience. You know what they say about leadership experience: it’s priceless. Okay, we may have made that part up ourselves, but we believe it wholeheartedly. Students in NSCS gain hands-on leadership experience that helps them jump straight into management roles after graduation.

What Students Have to Say:

Kevin Dong from the University of Iowa remarks that during his interview for pharmacy school, he was asked about his leadership experience and was able to reference his role as USCS Chapter President.

Hannah Palme from Michigan State University compliments her chapter’s resume building and public speaking workshops.

Lauren Tan of Loyola University believes joining NSCS is worth it for the scholarship opportunities. She describes how competitive the scholarship application process can be and explains how NSCS makes the process simpler by only awarding scholarships to members.

And finally, we would like to present you with a few numbers and statistics that demonstrate just how “worth it” an NSCS membership can be. A remarkable 88% of current members are likely or very likely to recommend fellow students join the society. Also, 93% of members believe that their NSCS membership will help them stand out as they apply for future jobs, internships, and graduate programs.

NSCS membership is more than a piece of paper — it’s an experience, and it is an experience that members find to be very worthwhile. 

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