NSCS Journey featuring Daniela Espinosa


Many students begin college with a bit of uncertainty. Not only are they uncertain of the career they might want to pursue, but they are uncertain of how they will get here. Daniela Espinosa was no exception. She began her undergraduate studies at University of Tampa without a clear idea of her preferred career path, and she sometimes struggled to balance her coursework with a job and other obligations. Then, she discovered the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, which was one of the keys to success and a plan for the future.

A good friend of Daniela’s introduced her to NSCS early on in her college career. At her first meeting, Daniela learned how NSCS could help make her college experience outstanding, and she decided to become a member. Not long after that, she decided to become even more involved as an officer. In the years that followed, she helped organize events at the University of Tampa campus and also reached out to other students as an ambassador for NSCS.

During her years as an undergraduate, Daniela was rewarded two NSCS scholarships, which helped ease her financial burden so she could better focus on her studies. The organization also gave her real-world, hands-on experience in public relations. She served as the Vice President of Public Relations and Recruitment, and in this role, helped other students find networking opportunities and scholarships through the organization. This real-world experience set her apart from other candidates when it came time for Daniela to enter the workforce.

After graduating, Daniela landed her first post-college job working for NSCS headquarters. Now, as she gets to help give other students the same rewarding college experience that she had, thanks to NSCS. She gets to travel around the country and continue to broaden her horizons and perspective. Daniela loves the opportunity to meet new students faced with uncertainty and help them create their own paths to success with the help of NSCS.

It’s amazing how one event can make such a difference in a person’s life. For Daniela, that one event was the first NSCS chapter meeting she attended. From that point on, she had the support network she needed to create her own path to success. With the help of Daniela and the other dedicated NSCS employees, many other students can do the same.

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