How and Why NSCS Members Develop Their Public Speaking Skills


Most people are not born as great public speakers. Rather, good public speakers have spent years developing and honing their skills. They’ve learned how to hold an audience’s attention, and they’ve learned not to let their nerves get the best of them when they stand in front of a crowd.

Public speaking skills come in handy across a variety of industries. Politicians draw on their public speaking skills when they hold public events and explain their positions to their constituents. Scientists present their research at formal conventions. Lawyers speak publicly in court. Unfortunately, though, many college students do not get ample opportunities to practice their public speaking in class. If college students want to become great public speakers, they need to seek out opportunities on their own. Joining NSCS is one way to open the door to so many different public speaking opportunities.

Public Speaking Opportunities With NSCS

NSCS members get a chance to practice their public speaking from day one! New members are invited to speak at their chapter’s induction ceremony each year. This is a good chance to speak about a subject you’re passionate about in front of your peers. 

As NSCS members become more involved, they’ll discover many more opportunities to speak in public. Some members become very involved in community volunteer events, and through that involvement, they get to stand up in front of an audience and speak about their work. Other members intern for political campaigns, which may involve speaking to other groups of students and constituents.

If a member decides to become involved in chapter leadership, they’ll have many opportunities to speak publicly on their campus. Some of these speaking engagements will center around telling other students about NSCS and its benefits. Others will involve motivating and informing fellow NSCS members of new opportunities.

The Benefits of Public Speaking Experience

So, why do so many NSCS members seek out opportunities to practice their public speaking? As it turns out, public speaking is a highly sought-after skill that makes one a true asset in graduate or professional school, and in the workplace.

Graduate School

Most graduate school programs involve a lot of seminar classes. Students may also need to present their own research at a convention or seminar. As such, graduate schools look for candidates who they know will be capable of speaking publicly in these settings. A student with plenty of NSCS public speaking experience on their graduate school application is more likely to be accepted. Also, once that student is in graduate school, they’ll find that a lot of the required public speaking already comes naturally to them.

The Professional Setting

Students who enter the workforce directly after college also benefit from the public speaking experience they get as NSCS members. They may be called upon, early in their career, to lead training sessions or seminars for other employees. In some industries, these employees may even be asked to speak at public events. Adapting to life as a professional is challenging enough already. New employees who are already confident speaking in public have one less skill to develop. Employers seek out students with speaking experience for this reason!

Whether you’re planning to enroll in graduate school or enter the workforce after college, the public speaking experience you gain as an NSCS member is sure to serve you well. The best advice we can give current and prospective members is this: say “yes” to every speaking opportunity that comes your way. Over time, your public speaking skills and confidence will grow, and before long, you’ll be the talented public speaker your employer can depend on.

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