NSCS Members Focus on Professional Development


The transition from college to a professional setting can come with some challenges. However, students who focus on professional development throughout their college years tend to make this transition seamlessly and with fewer road bumps along the way. This is why NSCS is proud to offer so many opportunities for professional development for our members. Throughout their years in NSCS, members can work to hone their professional skills, allowing them to enter the workforce feeling confident and productive.

Each NSCS member gets to craft their own experience within the organization. They can pick and choose which professional development activities they participate in based on their own needs and weaknesses. The following are a few of our most popular opportunities for professional development.


Working as an intern can go a long way in helping students transition from college to the workforce. Internships don’t just teach students specific skills. They help them adapt to a professional environment, learn to collaborate with a team, and find their place in the company culture. NSCS members have access to members-only internships across a variety of fields. Our alumni and mentors can also help members find other internships to suit their needs and interests. Some students intern for one semester, and others intern for a year or two years. 

Sometimes, a student internship turns into full-time employment post-graduation. However, even when internships don’t directly lead to employment, they go a long way in helping students develop the professionals skills needed to start a successful career.

The National Leadership Council

Leadership skills are a big part of professional development. Not everyone is born a natural leader, but most people can become effective leaders with the proper practice and training. The NSCS National Leadership Council is a student advisory board that works alongside the organization’s Board of Directors to create policies for members. Students who join this council learn to advocate, collaborate, and lead — all of which are skills that will come in handy throughout their professional careers.

Chapter Leadership

Some members seek professional development by joining their university’s chapter leadership. Each chapter has a full panel of leaders who work together to make decisions, organize events, and recruit new NSCS members. Serving in chapter leadership really helps members develop their social interaction skills. They learn to make decisions as a part of a team, support others on their journeys, and play up their own strengths for the betterment of the group. Students who wish to one day serve in managerial roles can really benefit from including chapter leadership as a part of their professional development.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Sometimes professional development means stepping outside of your comfort zone and learning how to navigate new terrain. Study abroad programs are excellent for this. NSCS offers numerous study abroad programs for members in various majors. There are even scholarships awarded to several NSCS members specifically to assist them in funding their study abroad experiences. Additionally, NSCS is proud to partner with Semester at Sea, a program that invites students to spend a semester on a ship, sailing from port to port as they learn and see the world. Experiences like this can help students develop a more informed, international mindset that is important in today’s professional culture.

Professional development is an important part of the college experience, but students really need to step outside the classroom to pursue that development. NSCS facilitates this process for members through our leadership opportunities, study abroad programs, internships, and more. You want to be ready to enter the workforce. NSCS can help you get there.

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