What Does Founder Steve Loflin Have to Say About NSCS?


NSCS was founded in 1994. Initially, the original chapter was started at George Washington University. Since then, NSCS has grown rapidly. There are now chapters at more than 300 colleges and universities across the United States. NSCS offers more than $500,000 in scholarships, awards, and chapter funding to students each year, and it also serves as a platform by which students can connect with mentors, network with leaders in their field, and develop leadership skills.

So, what does NSCS founder, Steve Loflin, have to say about the organization, its growth, and its success over the years? We asked Steve a few questions, and there’s a lot to be learned from his responses.

What Does NSCS Stand For?

Steve points out that when he first started NSCS, one of the most important factors was the organization’s pillars. As members know, these three pillars are scholarship, leadership, and community service. As NSCS has grown and expanded, these three pillars have remained central to all that the organization does.

How Is NSCS Different From Other Honor Societies?

When asked this question, Steve is the first to admit that there are hundreds of honors societies students can join. In other words, students have a choice. What Steve thinks is most unique about NSCS is that it gives students an opportunity to be recognized early in their college experience. Even freshmen are invited to join, whereas other honors societies are often only open to more advanced students.

What Is the NSCS Impact?

Steve is really pleased with the tremendous impact NSCS has had over the years, and he really deserves to be! Even though NSCS is the youngest honor society, it has become one of the largest, which means more opportunities for more students to succeed.

What Should Parents Know?

Parents sometimes wonder whether it’s worthwhile for their students to join NSCS. Steve responds to this query by explaining that when a parent commits to sending their child to an academic institution, they are investing in that student’s future. NSCS is a good addition to that experience. Membership helps supplement the college experience, giving students opportunities to work with mentors, network, and apply for additional scholarships and internships.

Is NSCS Legitimate?

Even though this question is asked often, Steve does not mind responding since he is confident in his response. In a single word, “yes.” NSCS is legitimate. We are an established organization with chapters all over the country. They have an entire staff dedicated to members’ success. NSCS also took the step of becoming certified by the Association of College Honor Societies, which also speaks to the organization’s legitimacy and high standards of membership. 

Why Is There a Fee to Join?

Steve says it is completely reasonable for students to wonder why they have to pay a fee to join NSCS. However, he wants to remind students that the fee is a once-in-a-lifetime fee that covers administration costs. You’ll never have to pay again, but you’ll have a lifetime of access to NSCS’ benefits. Steve also points out that every college honors society charges a membership fee. NSCS is not unique in this regard, and students get a lot for their money by joining.

As large and influential as NSCS is today, it is remarkable to think back on a time when Steve Loflin was just beginning to plan and set up the organization. We would all like to thank Steve for his dedication to the society over the years, and for the time he took to answer the interview questions above. Thank you, Steve!

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