4 Ways NSCS Can Change an Undergraduate’s Life


If we asked students to describe their NSCS experience in one word, a good number of them would choose the term “life-changing.” And they would not be exaggerating! Time and time again, we hear from NSCS members who describe how joining NSCS changed their college experience — and their lives — for the better. So, how can NSCS change an undergraduate’s life? Take a look!

Leadership Positions

Many students, when they first enter college, have never been in a leadership role before. Yet, developing leadership skills is an important part of college. It’s hard for undergraduates to develop as leaders through coursework alone, so NSCS membership gives them extra opportunities to lead.

There are a few different ways to NSCS members to become leaders. Some become chapter officers. This position is available to any current member; students don’t need to have been enrolled for any amount of time before becoming an officer. As such, the positions are welcoming and beneficial for students who are just starting out.

Other students develop their leadership skills through volunteer work. They collaborate with organizations like their local YMCA chapter to do good in the community. Leading activities like this is an excellent introduction to managing a team.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a wonderful way for students to step outside their comfort zone and expand their horizons. However, studying abroad can be expensive without support. NSCS offers several scholarship programs and study abroad arrangements that make this sort of experience more accessible for students.

Former study abroad students have moved abroad after graduation. Some have made international connections allowing them to work abroad. Others have learned foreign languages and put those skills to use.

Speaking Opportunities

Those who can speak clearly and confidently in front of a group are far more likely to be hired into management positions, excel in the workplace, and find success in political roles.

For many students, NSCS membership presents some of the first public speaking opportunities they encounter in college. Some students speak at induction. Others give speeches to their chapters during meetings. The best thing about these speaking engagements is that they are a chance for students to hone their skills in a low-pressure environment. Learning to public speak well is life-changing.


The importance of friendship cannot be understated. Friends are people you can bounce ideas off of, turn to for career advice, and collaborate with on school projects. Many people meet people in college who become life-long friends. And NSCS membership is just one more opportunity to make friends who share your passion for academic excellence, service, and leadership.

One struggle some students face in college has to do with meeting students outside of their major. You probably have classes with all of the same people, over and over again. Since NSCS welcomes students from all majors, joining gives you a chance to meet people with more diverse interests. Maybe you’re an engineering student; you can meet people in English and history. Or perhaps you’re an English major. NSCS may be your chance to meet students studying psychology or math.

It can take students some time to adapt to college life. Those who seek out new experiences and always seek to excel tend to get the most out of the experience. Joining NSCS is one way to achieve that. It’s a great way to change your life as an undergraduate.

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