6 Key Facts About NSCS Scholarships


With the rising cost of college, scholarships can be instrumental in helping students pay tuition and minimize their debt. However, many students find the idea of applying for scholarships frustrating or overwhelming. NSCS seeks to address these issues by offering members-only scholarships. That’s right — if you join NSCS, you will gain access to a variety of scholarships that other students do not qualify for. Here are six more important facts to know about NSCS scholarships.

NSCS scholarships are easy to find. 

Sometimes, it may feel like you spend more time looking for scholarship options than you even spend applying for those scholarships. You may have to browse a long list of websites, click and endless number of links, and meet with all of your various advisors. NSCS eases these headaches by making their scholarships easy to find and learn about. You can read about all of the NSCS members-only scholarships on the program’s website. 

NSCS offers specific scholarships for women and minorities.

If you are a woman or a minority, then NSCS is proud to offer scholarships specifically for you and others in your shoes. One such scholarship, which is sponsored by GEICO, is awarded to women in a STEM field. NSCS also offers a LatinX Student of the Year: Changemaker Award and a Scholarship for Minority Students in STEM sponsored by GEICO. 

NSCS offers scholarships for graduate students.

It’s often harder to find scholarship opportunities once one enters graduate school. However, NSCS offers the GEICO Graduate Award for members who are about to enter a graduate or professional program. The award is given to deserving, talented, and motivated individuals who wish to further their education with an advanced degree.

NSCS offers multiple of most scholarships.

Most NSCS scholarships are awarded to multiple winners, which increases your chances of winning. For example, the GEICO Graduate Award is given to five different students each year. The Outstanding Scholar Award is given to 200 students each year. Even the Scholarship for Women in STEM is awarded to four qualified applicants.

NSCS offers scholarships to help students go abroad.

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience. It can change the way you see the world, help you learn a new language, and open up new employment opportunities for you. NSCS helps students study abroad with our Scholar Abroad Scholarships. We give out two of these awards each fall. The Semester at Sea Fall Award is another key scholarship to consider. If is awarded to two NSCS members each year and allows them to spend the semester on floating university boat, learning all around the world.

NSCS scholarships are available to new members.

Your eligibility for scholarships begins as soon as you join NSCS. In fact, we offer 100 scholarships specifically for new embers each year. There are also several other scholarships we encourage new members to apply for. The Summer Internship Award, for example, will help you fund an upcoming summer internship. The Community College Transfer Scholarship is another good choice for anyone transferring to a 4-year university after attending community college.

Your eligibly to scholarships does not end as soon as you graduate, either. The Debt Reduction Award is available to NSCS graduates and alumni who are carrying on the society’s mission and want to reduce their student loan debt.

Applying for scholarships does not have to be a draining, demanding task. As an NSCS member, you gain access to many readily available scholarships, from day one onward. It could be one of these scholarships that allows you to study abroad, take on a new internship, or simply graduate with less debt.

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