NSCS Alumni Spotlight: Gordon B. (Ortiz) Hamby


Campus: University of Colorado Denver

Graduation Year: 2013

Degree Program: Communication major – emphasis in social justice & equity, diversity & inclusion, and multiculturalism; with a minor in Ethnic Studies (graduated Summa Cum Laude)

When did you join NSCS? I joined NSCS in 2011 as a Junior at CU Denver.

How did your time with NSCS help prepare you for life after college? NSCS began giving me a method by which to network while in college and, importantly, a network that could be grown after college. The camaraderie in the group helped me feel greater engagement and membership, allowing me to develop social and professional skills that enhance all my networking and bring about a heightened sense of belonging.

What was the most important thing you’ve gotten from your time as an undergraduate NSCS member? A sense of belonging to a forward-thinking group that cares about its members and their educational experience. As a non-traditional student, it was sometimes difficult to fit in, but NSCS welcomed me with open arms from the beginning.

What is the most important thing you are getting out of your time as an Alumni NSCS member? Very importantly, a method by which to network in a super friendly environment and grow as a person and a professional. There has been great support from NSCS for what I am about, and this support brings value and voice to me, allowing me to engage in bringing value and voice to others. A huge piece of this is allowing me opportunities to be a mentor to other NSCS members.

Where are you now since graduating? Since graduating, I have taken my education and experiences to new and high levels in my pursuit of equity & membership, diversity & inclusion, wellness, and simply love and care for others, as well as self. I have done this through my coaching and training practice and through growing myself within service to others. As this is a broad pursuit, it envelops my entire life’s sphere into a truly joyous lifestyle. Since graduation, I have traveled to Thailand and various locales near my home in Colorado, learning how to gain greater life balance while still achieving my goals and dreams and loving nature. My family life is wonderful, and I could not be happier with it or prouder of my family members!

If you could give a newly inducted undergraduate NSCS member advice on their path through their collegiate journey, what would it be? Please, engage in the activities and resources available to you. There are many, many great resources and people to help guide you through and support you, including NSCS. Become involved in activities and groups that help you grow as a student and a human being. Time in college goes very quickly, and it is important to develop a solid path as you move along. Work at an effective and productive pace in increments that have the space to expand your overall experience, guiding you through a wonderfully sustained experience in life. Start by feeling things out, then tighten your focus more and more as you work to define your present, leading you to a well-defined and adjusted future. And please remember to have fun along the way and enjoy your journey and fellows.

If you could give an undergraduate student who is considering joining NSCS advice, what would it be? It is important to evaluate potential memberships in various organizations to pick the one(s) that may be most beneficial. For me, NSCS has been one of the most inclusive and friendly environments I could have hoped for, especially as a non-traditional student. At times, we may try to predict or guess what an outcome may be, but I am happy that I took the leap and joined NSCS. Remembering all along the way that I must happily engage to reap the benefits. This process is most certainly not one-sided. If students are worried about the vision of a potentially long-term commitment to an organization, I say that NSCS makes it easy and pleasurable to stay committed and enjoy all the benefits of membership. Best wishes for success, students and potential NSCS members, and thank you NSCS!

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