NSCS Chapter Officer Spotlight: Gabriel Goldberg


Name: Gabriel Goldberg

Education Institution: DePaul University

Expected Graduation Year: 2024

Degree Program: Bachelor’s degree (BA), DePaul’s Undergraduate Criminology Program

Current Officer Role(s): Chapter Peer | Student Advisor, Interim Executive Vice President

LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/gabriel-goldberg-a3ba48233

When did you join NSCS?
I joined the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) on March 19, 2021. Since then, I have been a life member of the DePaul NSCS Chapter.

What made you become a chapter officer?
Coming from a family of service and community-oriented individuals impacted my desire to make a positive difference in my community. I have always been taught that if I know that I can make a positive difference, then I must stand up and be counted. To me, becoming an officer was a big way to help make a difference. NSCS has amazing leadership opportunities, including mentoring and charitable programs. I feel that I get as much as I give.

As a student at DePaul University, I have been taught the Vincentian question of “What must be done?” and how to answer it, and officer of NSCS, I am tasked with upholding the three pillars of scholarship, leadership, and service while exemplifying integrity, service, and growth.

What was the most unexpected reward you received as an officer so far?
The most unexpected reward that I have received is my time serving as an officer on the DePaul NSCS Executive Board and assisting them in achieving the Platinum Star Status in 2021-2022. The next would be this nomination for Chapter Officer Spotlight for the month of September.

What is the most important thing you’ve gotten from your time as an undergraduate NSCS member?
The most important “thing” that I have gotten from my time as an undergraduate NSCS life member would be my framed NSCS certificate of membership. Being a role model for others is never easy, and neither is being part of the higher standing individuals academically. However, I have found that the more I know, the more I can help and inspire others in my community. This can be by promoting education to creating a mentorship program to encourage high schoolers to continue to their academic college. Therefore, my certificate is my badge of honor, showing me that I have worked very hard not only for myself but for all the people I can help and inspire in the present as well as in the future.

How has your time with NSCS helped prepare you for life after college so far?
NSCS has prepared me for life after college not only with its vast resources but in its pillars as well. I will be able to use the skills I have accumulated through my time as an officer as well as a Peer/Student Advisor of the DePaul NSCS Chapter. These skills include leadership and service, which prompt me to continue to strive to serve society and make a positive difference.

Where do you see yourself after you graduate?
After I graduate, I see myself continuing my academic journey to either obtaining a master’s or a Doctorate from DePaul University. I endeavor to work in public service during this time and after I obtain my degree(s).

If you could give an undergraduate student who is considering joining their NSCS chapter’s leadership team, what would it be?
To the newly inducted undergraduate NSCS member, I am very proud of your accomplishments, having been selected to join the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. If you are to take one thing from NSCS on your colligate journey, let it be that when given the choice of serving and taking, you should be a giver, not a taker. It is the NSCS value to be community and service-oriented no matter what college or life throws your way. As an NSCS member, it is your integrity, service, and growth that fellow students, teachers, and future employers wish to see in people like you. These qualities will be what set you apart as a role model, and they will help build many vital skills which will, in turn, help you achieve success in all your endeavors.

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