NSCS Alumni Spotlight: CeCe Batts


Campus: Michigan State University

Graduation Year: 2021

I joined the NSCS in 2018 at Michigan State University while studying for my BS in Kinesiology with minors in Coaching, Graphic Design, and Health Promotion. My time with NSCS has provided me with networking connections that I am still discovering. Additionally, NSCS has given me distinction amongst my colleagues while giving me resources that have contributed to my success, especially webinars and programs geared toward success in college. I am currently in grad school pursuing a master’s degree in Human Resources and Labor Relations at Michigan State University. Additionally, I am coaching varsity shot put and discus for a high school track team.

If I could give new NSCS undergraduate members advice regarding their collegiate journey, I would say to use as many resources as possible that are available to you. College can be a difficult time in which you may feel alone. Programs such as NSCS help you remember that you are not alone. Instead, they provide you with resources and connections that contribute to your success and give you a point of reference to assist you in your journey.


We are honored to have CeCe Batts as one of our September Alumni Spotlight members. CeCe’s dedication and scholarship to her community and self are what we all strive for. Thank you, CeCe, for being an NSCS scholar for life!

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