Ambassador Chat Files: 4 Benefits of NSCS for a College Student


When students are invited to join NSCS, they often wonder what benefits they’ll experience as members. This is quite normal, and we’re glad our students do their research before joining an organization. Our ambassadors typically do a good job of describing the benefits of NSCS to prospective members, often drawing on their own experiences in their responses. So today, we wanted to compile some of those ambassador responses together and take a look at 4 distinct benefits of NSCS for college students.

1. Annual Scholarships

Between tuition, books, fees, room, and board, the cost of college can add up quickly. There are plenty of scholarships out there that can help, but finding them is not always easy. One benefit of joining NSCS is access to scholarships. An ambassador explained,

“NSCS has scholarships and awards that you can apply for and earn once you are a member of NSCS so no you don’t have to pay anything back that related to those awards.”

We will just reiterate that these scholarships are not grants or loans, so you do not need to pay them back when you graduate. Some scholarships are available only to NSCS students. Others are outside scholarships that we make students aware of through our listings.

2. Networking

In college, students tend to interact mostly with other students in their same major. This can be helpful for studying purposes, but it does not always expose students to a diverse range of ideas and skills. NSCS membership gives students a chance to network and make friends outside of their department or major. After graduation, this can help students find jobs and more productively work on teams.

One ambassador had this to say,

“I believe that NSCS is so much more beneficial… through NSCS, you will be able to meet students inside and outside your major.”

NSCS members also have opportunities to network with professionals in various industries, which can bring about more job opportunities.

3. Leadership Experience

NSCS is very proud to offer our members the chance to develop into leaders. One ambassador explained,

“Your university’s chapter of NSCS also holds meetings where you will have the opportunity to meet  other hardworking students like yourself, and even hold a leadership position if you choose.”

And chapter leadership is just one of the many leadership opportunities available to NSCS members. Members can also serve in leadership roles as they organize community service projects or work as interns.

4. Resume Building

When asked about the benefits of joining NSCS, one of our ambassadors replied simply,

“It is  a great resume booster for jobs and grad school.”

Indeed, NSCS membership can help you build a strong and competitive resume that gets you noticed. Not only can you list your membership, specifically, on a resume, but you can describe the various activities you were involved with through NSCS. You can include community service projects you worked on, internships you had, leadership roles you held, and awards you were given.

A well-rounded resume will help demonstrate to employers that you are a well-connected applicant and are capable of growth. If you’re applying for graduate school, then these similar experiences can help build your application and set you apart from other applicants.

Every student tailors their NSCS participation a little differently. Some students primarily take advantage of the scholarship opportunities. Others immerse themselves in leadership roles, and still others participate in community service to give back and gain experience. At the end of the day, these benefits are here for you to take advantage of in the way that best suits your student needs.

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