Ambassador Chat Files: How to Get The Most Out of Your NSCS Membership


Sometimes, our ambassadors are asked how students can get their money’s worth out of their NSCS membership fee. Or, in other words, prospective members want to know how to get the most out of their time in our honors society.

The good news is that you have flexibility here. NSCS offers a very wide range of opportunities and benefits for members, and it’s really up to you to curate your own experience and make the most of your membership in the way you see fit.

Here are a few quotes from our ambassadors that better explain how to get the most out of your NSCS membership.

“As an NSCS member, you have access to annual scholarships, awards, discounts on car insurance, community service opportunities, and more.”

We really love this quote because it makes it clear how easy it is to get your money’s worth out of your NSCS membership fee. Of course, these financial benefits are just a few of the many benefits we offer to members. But these benefits alone can make membership worthwhile. Take advantage of insurance discounts, apply for a scholarship or two, and you’ll have more than made up for the membership fee in no time!

For me personally, I love being a member it has helped me meet so many friends and I have had the opportunity to give back to my community.

This quote is a nice contrast to the last one. It shows how you can make the most out of your NSCS membership with more than just financial benefits. This ambassador shared how the organization helped them make friends and give back to the community. Can you really put a price on those opportunities? Friendships formed during the college years can last a lifetime, and giving back to the community makes for a better community — for everyone. Ten years from now, as you are reminiscing on your college experience with friends you met through NSCS, you’ll be so thankful you joined.

Here’s another ambassador quote that speaks to how members can make their membership worthwhile by making it personal. This ambassador stated,

“I was a complete introvert that went through my usual routine of going to class, work, studying, etc. Once I was  given the opportunity to become a member, I excitedly joined because I knew that I would be able to gain more experience through the different service projects and network with more  students and professionals.”

This is something we hear from college students so often. They go to class and they learn, but they are not sure how to get more social development during college. Students in this position can get the most out of their NSCS membership by taking advantage of the networking, leadership, and service project opportunities. All of these programs help you break out of the class routine so you can graduate as a more well-rounded person.

Let’s wrap things up with one more quote:

NSCS also holds meetings where you will have the opportunity to meet  other hardworking students like yourself, and even hold a leadership position if you choose. It is  a great resume booster for jobs and grad school.

So many NSCS members reflect on how the experience helped them get a job or gain admission into graduate school. Doesn’t that advantage, alone, make NSCS membership worth it? We think so, and we’re confident you will agree if you become a member.

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