Meet Dr. Ching-Yu Huang: New Advisor of the Year


NSCS is proud and excited to announce Dr. Ching-Yu Huang from Virginia Commonwealth University has been selected as one of the 2021-2022 New Advisors of the Year. NSCS chapter advisors play a critical role in the ongoing operation and success of NSCS chapters and new advisors are the lifeblood of a growing organization.

“We know ‘the great resignation’ has had an impact on college campuses over the past 24 months which makes the dedication these advisors have shown to supporting student success so impressive,” said NSCS Executive Director Scott Mobley. “As higher education professionals, they are committed to ensuring students have access to the resources they need as they pursue their college dreams. They are also great role models for members to learn how to give back to society. NSCS is and will forever be grateful to these individuals for both their personal and professional service to our chapters.”

From the moment the chapter’s executive board approached Dr. Huang to serve as their advisor, she presented them with countless ideas that they have implemented into their chapter. She is consistently looking for ways to help our team flourish and works diligently to ensure that each moving part of our chapter is in its best possible shape. Her positive attitude is infectious and has helped the team to rediscover the enjoyment and creativity in each of their respective roles. Dr. Huang not only brings ideas to the table, but she helps the team to follow through with them. After implementing her advice, the monthly officer meetings run more smoothly and the team functions as a cohesive unit rather than solely as individuals.  Dr. Huang also connects the officers with on-campus resources and encourages them to collaborate with organizations throughout Richmond to support the community.

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