NSCS Reviews: Top-ratings and a “Great Nonprofit”


At the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, we are proud to offer our members guidance, networking opportunities, scholarship, and more. We don’t do this for praise or reviews, but for the benefit of our students. That being said, it is always nice to receive top ratings and great reviews, especially from an organization like Great Nonprofits.

You can read for yourself what reviewers have to say about NSCS on the Great Nonprofits website, but we thought we would offer a little summary here for our readers, too.

Great Nonprofits lists NSCS as one of their Top-Rated Nonprofits for 2020. They describe our mission, which is to honor and inspire academic excellence and engaged citizenship for a lifetime. It’s important to point out the words for a lifetime in our mission. That truly is one of our priorities: to have a lifelong, positive impact on our members. We don’t just help them on their college journey — we encourage them and help them build skills for their lifelong journey.

As Great Nonprofits points out, membership in NSCS encourages community involvement and gives students opportunities to learn through conferences and other engagements. We’re proud to offer such engaging opportunities for our members, and we believe that the breadth of the experiences we offer makes for well-rounded, effective professionals.

If you venture down into the reviews, you’ll read some lovely accounts from former and present NSCS members. One member from ASU describes how NSCS has helped them meet people and pursue new opportunities. A board member from UNLV notes that NSCS offers a lot of resources to improve students’ professional futures.

One moving review comes from a student at Youngstown State University, who notes that the NSCS helped them identify their college path and find scholarship opportunities that helped them afford textbooks and supplies. Still other students emphasize how NSCS provides opportunities to develop leadership skills, make contacts in various career fields, and balance academics with other priorities.

At the time of this post, there are hundreds of stories from reviewer of NSCS on Great Nonprofits website.  We’re happy to have made a difference in so many students’ lives, and we’re also glad to be given mention as a Top Rated Nonprofit for 2020. We promise will will continue to do work in support of our mission: to honor and inspire academic excellence and engaged citizenship for a lifetime.

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