NSCS Alumni Spotlight: Lester G. Reynolds


Name: Lester G. Reynolds

Campus: New Mexico State University- Las Cruces, NM I also Attended DACC- NMSU Community College-Las Cruces, NM

Graduation Year: May 2015 from NMSU Main Campus and May 2014 DACC-NMSU Community College

Degree Program: May 2015 NMSU Main Campus- Bachelor of Individualized Studies with a Minor in Sociology-Honors-3.978 GPA May 2014 Associate of Arts-Meritorious.

Scholarship Recipient: All New Mexico Academic Team-Honored by the New Mexico House of Representatives-51st Legislature, Second Session 2014 Santa Fe, NM.

I joined NSCS on January 22, 2014

NSCS encouraged professionalism and individual development on every level of the academic spectrum. These practices, coupled with my desire to be the best I can be, helped me to apply myself and set goals that were attainable.

The most important thing I received from NSCS was a support system that believed in me and was genuinely built with others in mind. NSCS truly cares about your future and helping students reach their goals.

Since I graduated, I have been able to apply myself in ways I never thought possible. Commitment to excellence, dedication to goals, and simply priding myself on being the best I can be and using my academic skills and business ethics have led me to a flourishing career as a professional actor in mainstream Hollywood.  So much of what we do along our academic journey follows us in our daily lives and the careers that many of us find ourselves thrust into upon graduating. Learning to trust our instincts and believe in our abilities is a huge factor in our future success, and being part of NSCS has given me skills I never knew I was lacking. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who took an interest in my academic journey and personal development.

If you are a new inductee or someone contemplating becoming a member of NSCS, I would strongly encourage you to take the leap of faith. There are so many reasons to become part of a supportive community that puts people and their success first. No matter your goals, the skills you pick up and the opportunities that come as a result are worth all the effort. Invest in your future because you are worth it.

Trust Me. I know.

Lester G. Reynolds-NSCS Alumni and Professional Hollywood Actor


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