Ambassador Chat Files: NSCS Existing Members’ Experiences


NSCS really wants prospective members to have a good idea of what our organization has to offer before they join. We have plenty of former members who mentor new members and are happy to share their experiences, but our current members also have plenty to share. Some of our existing members serve as ambassadors, answering prospective members’ questions about NSCS.

Today, we thought we would share some comments and tidbits from these members’ stories to give you a better idea of what NSCS membership is really like.

“If it weren’t for NSCS, I would not have gained the confidence to become a student leader and step out of my comfort zone!”

We are sharing this member comment because it’s such a common experience for NSCS members. Even when students arrive at college feeling academically prepared, they can struggle with confidence and leadership skills. NSCS offers plenty of leadership opportunities to help students become better-prepared for employment. Members often become more well-rounded throughout their years in NSCS.

It’s super rewarding! It’s honestly been one of the best choices I’ve made during college. NSCS is there to help you through college by providing opportunities and scholarships so I definitely feel better being in NSCS.

This comment really shows how the NSCS experience can be multi-faceted. This member chose to highlight both the scholarships and the additional opportunities available through NSCS, which is something that distinguishes us from some other honors societies. We offer scholarships to help students with what they are already doing — attending classes — and we also coordinate community service projects, internships, and other activities to supplement the traditional college experience.

As a film student, NSCS is more of an opportunity for me to see where people’s hearts and minds are at as I’m working on becoming a director!

Many members, like this one, use NSCS as a way to take more profound steps towards their ultimate post-college goals. This student, for example, had the goal of becoming a director, and so they tailored their NSCS experience through that lens. We’ve had political science students use our resources to find campaign internships, human resource students take leadership roles to gain speaking confidence, and more. NSCS membership is what you make it!

Connection with individuals through NSCS presents me the opportunity to collaborate with people on projects.

This is another common sentiment among members. Often, in college, students complete a lot of projects with students in their own major. But they do not get as much experience working and collaborating with others who have different expertise from their own. NSCS gives members, like this one, a chance to collaborate with many different people on projects, which is a skill in and of itself.

Prior to joining NSCS at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, I was a complete introvert that went through my usual routine of going to class, work, studying, etc. Once I was given the opportunity to become a member, I excitedly joined because I knew that I would be able to gain more experience through the different service projects and network with more students and professionals.

We thought we would end on this one because it’s just so complete. This member explains how NSCS helped bring them out of their shell, discover new opportunities, and form a network. Whether you’re studying art, business, science, English, or foreign relations, these experiences are invaluable.

Our current members have so much to say about NSCS. If you decide to join, we know you’ll have similar experiences to recount in a year’s time.

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