How NSCS Helps Members Prepare for Grad School


Many college students have dreams of continuing their education in a graduate degree program. Some plan on earning their Master’s Degree in a field like Business Administration or Accounting. Others plan to enroll in professional schools, such as Medical School or Law School. While college courses can go a long way towards preparing students for grad school, NSCS membership can help fill in the gaps. Here are a few of the key ways in which NSCS helps members prepare for graduate school.

Leadership Opportunities

Grad school, in one way or another, prepares students to become leaders in their field. However, to demonstrate that they’ll be capable of filling such leadership roles, graduate schools often want applicants to already have had some leadership experience. Some schools ask applicants to describe this leadership in their application essays. Others ask questions about leadership experience in interviews. NSCS gives members plenty of leadership opportunities to prepare them for grad school.

Some of our members serve as chapter leaders. In this role, they gain experience collaborating with others and making collective decisions. Other members get involved with NSCS leadership on a national level, helping the Board of Directors make crucial decisions. This leadership experience not only helps students get accepted to grad school; it also helps them excel once they’re enrolled.

Alumni Access

Did you know that NSCS has a network of more than 750,000 alumni? Many of these alumni have attended graduate school. They can serve as mentors to students who are looking for the right program. They can offer insight into the application process, and they can guide students who are still deciding whether graduate school is the right choice for their career. 

NSCS members can create their own custom profile that connects them to our alumni and recruiters. The relationships that form from that point on can open countless doors when preparing for grad school.

Diverse Experiences

Graduate school often requires students to think outside the box, analyze information deeply, and explore new ideas. NSCS members get plenty of opportunities to develop these skills prior to graduate school. Since NSCS has members from all different majors and programs, members get to interact with students outside of their own major. This leads to a broader perspective and deeper understanding of the world — both of which will serve students well in grad school. 

Some NSCS members participate in study abroad programs or the Study at Sea program. These opportunities help students further broaden their perspective and learn to think outside the box in the ways that graduate school requires.

Public Speaking

Students preparing for grad school often take advantage of the public speaking opportunities through NSCS. Graduate school tends to involve a lot more seminars and presentations than the average undergraduate program. So, having experience public speaking will make navigating graduate school a lot easier for a student.

NSCS members can speak publicly at induction ceremonies and other events. This gives them a chance to speak in front of a friendly, familiar crowd. Serving in chapter leadership also opens other doors for speaking opportunities. Members gain experience leading meetings and speaking publicly about NSCS.

Preparing for grad school requires a diverse approach and some out-of-the-box thinking. If you’re considering applying for graduate school, then joining NSCS is a really smart way to prepare. From study abroad programs to mentorship opportunities, NSCS members have the resources they need to expand their minds and prepare for higher education. 

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