How to Graduate in Style With NSCS


Graduation from college is a major accomplishment. All of those late nights, hard tests, and group projects have finally paid off, and you’re about to be handed a diploma. If NSCS has been an important part of your college experience, then of course you’ll want to include some NSCS regalia in your graduation attire. You worked hard as an NSCS member, and you deserve to display this honor during your graduation ceremony.

Where to Buy NSCS Regalia

You can shop for NSCS regalia and graduation attire at The website clearly displays all of the items available to NSCS members. Make sure you plan ahead! Orders need to be placed by September 30th in order to be received by December 1st.

NSCS Regalia Options

So, what are the best items to wear in order to honor your NSCS membership on graduation day? Here are a few suggestions.

NSCS Honor Cord

The NSCS Honor Cord is a simple, subtle way to honor your NSCS membership on graduation day. Made in the NSCS colors purple and gold, the cord will look stunning with your robe. It’s made in the USA, and you can easily pair it with other items mentioned here, like the honor stole.

NSCS Honor Stole

If you really want to make a statement, the NSCS Honor Stole is the way to go. This gold stole looks luxurious and special. It will really help you stand out in graduation photos, especially when there’s a whole group of students wearing the same color robes. The stole is printed with the NSCS logo and full name — the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. It’s the ultimate way to signify your dedication to the NSCS principles of scholarship, leadership, and service.

NSCS Honor Medallion

The NSCS Honor Medallion is available to all members and looks lovely when layered over the NSCS Honor Stole. The medallion is strung on purple material and features and emblem that says “The National Society of Collegiate Scholars.” This is a popular option among Chapter Presidents and other members in leadership roles.

If you’re interested in all three of the items above, NSCS also sells them as a package. You’ll really look your best on graduation day with a cord, medallion, and stole.

Other Ways to Graduate in Style

In addition to dressing the part, there are other ways to include NSCS in your graduation celebrations. Talk to your university about giving a speech about your NSCS involvement as a part of the graduation ceremony. Or, work with your chapter leadership to organize an additional ceremony or celebration specifically for NSCS members at your college or university.

Once you do graduate, also remember to spread the word about NSCS members. As an alumna, you can encourage other members to take advantage of all NSCS has to offer. Share with them how your NSCS membership shaped you, and encourage them to embrace the same opportunities.

NSCS membership is a powerful addition to the college experience. With the right attire and attitude, there are plenty of ways to honor your NSCS involvement as a part of your college graduation. Visit the NSCS shop, and prepare for a lovely day.

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