How NSCS Improves Undergraduate Students’ Lives


Attending college is life-changing and can be a wonderful experience for students. Undergraduates who seek out extracurricular activities and honors society memberships often have an even more rewarding experience than students who don’t take this initiative. We’ve spoken with multiple NSCS members about the ways in which NSCS has changed and improved their experience. Here are some of the key ways that joining NSCS can change an undergraduate’s life.

Confidence in Leadership

High school does not usually give students too many chances to develop as leaders. However, good leadership skills are in high-demand in the workforce, and these skills can serve students very well throughout their college careers, too. NSCS members enjoy numerous opportunities to develop their leadership skills. They can join chapter leadership, help lead volunteer projects in the community, and plan chapter events.

Many undergraduates feel that NSCS membership helps bring them out of their shell and boost their confidence in leadership roles. They feel more comfortable when asked to lead group discussions in class, and they’ll also be better prepared to take on leadership roles in their career once they graduate. Students who self-identify as shy when they begin college find themselves becoming more outgoing and social after participating in NSCS programs.

Internship Opportunities

Internships are tremendously beneficial for college students. They help students develop more hands-on skills, introduce them to the workplace culture, and serve as means of building a network and contacts in an industry. Unfortunately, finding an internship can be difficult for some college students as they tend to be in high demand. NSCS members have access to exclusive internships with political campaigns, private businesses, and institutes of higher education.

Participating in an internship can make an undergraduate’s experience more well-rounded and complete. It can transform their college experience into a true career preparation experience.

Network Building

When a student first arrives at college, they can feel like an island. They don’t know many people, and they lack a network. Building a network can be challenging when a student is new and just beginning their degree program. NSCS membership can jump-start a student’s network-building efforts.

NSCS members can network with other students, alumni, advisors, chapter leaders, and executives at companies that offer internships. Building such a network can make an undergraduate feel far more connected. It gives them people to call on for career advice, references, and guidance. 

Community Involvement

Many students suddenly find themselves in a new community where they are unfamiliar with the local businesses, layout, and people. It can take them a while to feel settled and connected in their new locale. NSCS membership can help with this. NSCS chapters regularly organize volunteer programs within the community in collaborations with organizations like the YMCA. Students who participate in these programs get to know community members and feel more connected to the region their school is in.

If you’re looking for a way to feel more connected and supported as a college student, we highly encourage you to consider NSCS membership. Joining NSCS can be the step that transforms your undergraduate experience from average to stellar. You’ll build your network, improve your leadership skills, create connections in the community, and gain access to internships that prepare you for a career.

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