Qualifying for an NSCS Scholarship


At NSCS, we see it as our role to help open doors for students. One of the ways in which we do this is by offering several exclusive scholarships for our members. These scholarships are only available to NSCS members, and we offer 26 of them throughout the spring, summer, and fall semesters. All of our scholarships are merit-based, which means we choose the winners based on applicants’ demonstrated commitment to the Three Pillars: scholarship, leadership, and service.

Are you interested in qualifying for an NSCS scholarship? Here’s a closer look at what it takes.


As we mentioned, our exclusive scholarships are only available to NSCS members. So that means the first step in qualifying for these scholarships is to become a member. If you have not been nominated for membership, you can visit our website and nominate yourself. In order to qualify, you must have a 3.4 GPA or higher. You must also have already completed between 12 and 60 credit hours of coursework.

Maintain Your GPA

NSCS members are expected to maintain a 3.4 GPA or higher in order to remain in good standing. You will only be eligible to apply for scholarships if your GPA meets this requirement. Here are some tips to help you maintain a high GPA as a college student and NSCS member:

  • Join study groups. Often, studying with others will give you a new perspective on the material and help you better understand it.
  • Go to office hours. Professors are usually more than willing to answer questions and give extra help during office hours.
  • Study everyday. Instead of waiting until the last minute to study for tests or complete assignments, spend a little time studying every day.

Demonstrate Leadership

Leadership is one of the Three Pillars of NSCS. It’s also one of the metrics we use to choose our scholarship winners. NSCS members have many opportunities to demonstrate leadership and develop their leadership skills. Some of our members join chapter leadership. For example, you could serve as Chapter President, which would allow you to gain experience organizing and interacting with large groups of students.

There are also leadership opportunities available through the National Leadership Council. This is an advisory board of NSCS members who report to the Board of Directors to offer insight and feedback. National Leadership Council members serve one-year terms and gain valuable leadership experience that really stands out on scholarship applications. 

Demonstrate Service

The third pillar of NSCS is service. We love to see scholarship applicants who have spent time serving their local communities. Not only does service help those in the community, but it helps members develop a stronger sense of empathy while enhancing their organizational skills. 

Each NSCS chapter has its own ties to local volunteer organizations. In the past, chapters have coordinated with the YMCA and local food banks. If you know of other service opportunities in your area, you could demonstrate your dedication to service by gathering other students to volunteer alongside you.

Keep in mind that NSCS offers more than $500,000 in scholarships every year. Many of our chapters offer additional scholarships, too. Examples include the NSCS Non-Traditional Scholar Award, the 3M Women in STEM Award, and the Scholarship for Women in Business Sponsored by GEICO. If you’re interested in applying for any of these scholarships, focus on the three pillars are recommended above. NSCS is excited to continue opening doors for dedicated students like you. 

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