5 Things to Know About NSCS Exclusive Scholarships


Students join NSCS for a number of reasons. Some join because they are looking for leadership experience. Others join for networking opportunities or because they want to collaborate with students in different majors. But one of the top reasons students choose NSCS over other honor societies is the scholarship opportunities. Not only does NSCS help students find and apply for outside scholarships; we also offer a number of exclusive scholarships for members only. Whether you’re considering joining NSCS or are a new member who’s just learning the ropes, here are the top five things to know about our exclusive scholarships.

Only Members Can Apply

We call these our “exclusive scholarships” for a reason. They are exclusively available to NSCS members. This means that competition for these scholarships is limited. Yes, you will be competing against other qualified NSCS members, but that’s a much smaller pool of applicants than you see with a typical scholarship. So, your chances of winning are higher.

You Do Have to Qualify

We only offer our exclusive scholarships to members, but not all members are eligible to apply. In order to qualify, a member has to have a GPA of 3.4 or higher. Most of our members are high-achieving students who have no trouble meeting this requirement. However, keeping this requirement in place does help ensure that our scholarships are awarded on a merit basis and to the most qualified members. In addition to GPA, we also consider a student’s overall commitment to academics, leadership, and service when selecting scholarship winners.

Any Major Can Apply

When students are searching for scholarships, they sometimes become frustrated when they come across numerous scholarships, but only for students in other majors. This won’t happen when you apply to exclusive scholarships through NSCS. Our exclusive scholarships are available for students in any field or major. We routinely have students in STEM majors, the humanities, business, and social science apply for and win our awards.

Here’s another piece of good news: if you win one of our scholarships, you can use it to pursue any major or discipline. We understand that sometimes changing majors is the right choice for a student, and we won’t force you to make those decisions based on a scholarship you’ve won.

We Partner With Several Other Programs

We partner with a couple of other programs and organizations to offer truly unique, exclusive scholarship programs for our members. One example is our Semester at Sea program. Through this opportunity, students can spend a semester traveling and learning about different cultures. Another example is our International Scholar Laureate Program, through which students can study abroad and have some of their costs covered. NSCS opportunities like this can open doors to a brighter future.

We Offer More Than Any Other Honor Society

Other honor societies do offer exclusive scholarships. However, NSCS offers more scholarship money than any other honor society of its kind. We offer a total of $500,000 a year, and it all goes to NSCS members. Some of our chapters offer additional scholarshipsfor their members, too. We encourage students to apply for all scholarships for which they are qualified. A scholarship or two can make college a lot more affordable and reduce the amount of student loans you need to take out.

Now that you know a little more about our scholarship opportunities, we hope you feel more encouraged to join NSCS. We are proud to offer these exclusive scholarships to our very deserving members. Past winners have benefited greatly from programs including Semester at Sea, and we know you will, too. NSCS opens doors for members like you.

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