NSCS Awards $50K In Scholarships With Partner GEICO


You’ve probably heard of GEICO, the insurance company known for their affordable coverage and lovable Gecko mascot. Did you that NSCS partners with GEICO to offer $50,000 in scholarships to our members? These scholarships go a long way towards improving education for their recipients, and we’re very thankful for GEICO’s contributions over the years.

GEICO, more formally known as Government Employee Insurance Company, was founded in 1936 and employs more than 43,000 people across the U.S. They’ve always aimed to provide a seamless customer experience. While they are best known for their auto insurance policies, they also offer homeowners, flood, renters, term life, and umbrella coverage, among others.

GEICO has long been known for their contributions to local communities. Over the years, they have served and donated to various organizations, aiming to support people of color, women, the LGBTQ+ community, and LatinX community in particular. Their contributions to students in association with NSCS is an extension or continuation of these efforts. 

The first scholarships awarded by GEICO in partnership with NSCS were our Women in Stem Awards. These awards of $2,500 each were presented to:

  • Lisa Boronowitz of Texas Woman’s University
  • Nyla Griffith of Spelman College
  • McKenzie O’Neil of Montana State University
  • Genevieve Gemond of Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

GEICO and NSCS also presented four Minority in Stem Awards of $2,500 to the following students:

  • Maria-Claudia Smart-Rengifo of Kansas State University
  • Mohamed Mbaye of University of Miami
  • William Muckelroy III of University of Pittsburgh
  • Tai Sutton of Georgia State University

Then, there were the First in Family Awards, which were $2,500 each and awarded to students who were the first in their families to attend college. Thanks to additional contributions from GEICO, we were able to offer eight of these awards to the following students:

  • Demetria Ober of Texas Woman’s University
  • Brian Ha of UCLA Los Angeles
  • Hunter Greer of Radford University
  • Inger Lise Haraldstad Sannum of University of Tampa
  • Matthew Snow of Arizona State University
  • Ollisha Fisher of Temple University
  • Zoe Cirillo of University of Colorado Boulder
  • Alana Jimenez of Boston University

We were also proud to present a $10,000 HBCU Student of the Year Award to Ilahi Creary-Miller from Howard University, along with a $10,000 LatinX Student of the Year Award to Shadiyah Feliciano of Ohio State University.

Each of these recipients, we feel, has gone above and beyond in adhering to the NSCS Three Pillars of Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. We hope these awards will serve them well as they continue their education at their respective universities. We wish them luck even as they graduate and begin their careers. NSCS members have what it takes to succeed, and we are endlessly confident in their abilities. 

NSCS offers excellent scholarship, internship, and mentorship opportunities for students of all backgrounds and majors. If you are interested in adding to your college experience, we encourage you to consider joining. Members are eligible for a wide array of exclusive scholarships, not limited to those discussed above. We have chapters at 330 colleges and universities across the United States.

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