Meet Ms. Victoria Bañuelos: Region 2 Advisor of the Year


NSCS is proud to announce Ms. Victoria Bañuelos from New Mexico State University as one of the NSCS Region 2 Advisors of the Year. NSCS chapter advisors play a critical role in the ongoing operation and success of NSCS chapters. With 300+ chapters across four regions and 50 states, this award puts Ms. Bañuelos in rare company.

“We know ‘the great resignation’ has had an impact on college campuses over the past 24 months which makes the dedication these advisors have shown to supporting student success so impressive,” said NSCS Executive Director Scott Mobley. “As higher education professionals, they are committed to ensuring students have access to the resources they need as they pursue their college dreams. They are also great role models for members to learn how to give back to society. NSCS is and will forever be grateful to these individuals for both their personal and professional service to our chapters.”

Ms. Bañuelos has shown so much dedication to the chapter at New Mexico State University. This year alone, the chapter has tackled so many difficult tasks like boosting engagement in meetings and activities. The officers attribute much of their success to the undying support from Ms. Banuelos as their chapter advisor. Due to her demonstration of consistent mentorship, outreach, and communication about brainstorming new ideas, effective team and organization management, she has led the way for the student leaders to truly be set up for success in their leadership roles. The officers say her support has been integral to their success and has inspired them to continue planting the seed of passion and drive in future students to ensure the chapter continues to run efficiently and with determination.

“Dr. Banuelos has always been a cornerstone of our chapter, taking part in events when possible and being incredibly communicative when needed. She has always prioritized our needs both as individuals and as a chapter and enjoys brainstorming new recruitment ideas,” said Haleigh Haven, vice president of social media at the New Mexico State University chapter. “After over half a decade, Dr. Banuelos is just as passionate and as much of an advocate as she was for the chapter when she first began while also balancing her own personal obligations and role as an educator for current and subsequent generations of Aggies. Her support has been integral to our success and has inspirited us to continue planting the seed of passion and drive in future students to ensure our organization continues to run efficiently and with determination.”

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