Meet Ms. Chelsea Zbikowski: Region 1 Advisor of the Year


NSCS is proud to announce Ms. Chelsea Zbikowski from American Military University-American Public University as one of the NSCS Region 1 Advisors of the Year. NSCS chapter advisors play a critical role in the ongoing operation and success of NSCS chapters. With 300+ chapters across four regions and 50 states, this award puts Ms. Zbikowski in rare company.

“We know ‘the great resignation’ has had an impact on college campuses over the past 24 months which makes the dedication these advisors have shown to supporting student success so impressive,” said NSCS Executive Director Scott Mobley. “As higher education professionals, they are committed to ensuring students have access to the resources they need as they pursue their college dreams. They are also great role models for members to learn how to give back to society. NSCS is and will forever be grateful to these individuals for both their personal and professional service to our chapters.”

Ms. Zbikowski brings so much positivity to her chapter and it’s rare to find her without a smile on her face. She works closely with the officers to ensure the chapter runs smoothly and is always there to offer advice, support and encouragement when needed and she is absolutely amazing to work with! The chapter officers consider Chelsea the rock and backbone of the AMU-APU chapter. Above all, she is dedicated to living by the three pillars of NSCS of leadership, service, and scholarship, virtual and in-person.

“Chelsea is the rock & backbone of the AMU | APU NSCS chapter. Along with her work as a corporate recruiter for APUS, Chelsea dedicates her free time to our chapter. She spends much of her time with us, providing guidance, support, and encouragement for any crazy idea we have. She is willing to drop everything to provide us, the officers & members, the focus and time we need. Chelsea has worked as the AMU | APU NSCS Chapter Advisor for many years now, and I believe her talent and dedication to NSCS have gone under the radar,” said Courtney Pommrehn, chapter president at AMU|APU.

“Without her, many of us within NSCS wouldn’t have the footprints we have in our communities without her. She is dedicated to living by the three pillars of NSCS of leadership, service, and scholarship, virtual and in-person. Being an advisor for a fully remote school is no easy feat. Whenever our engagement is low, Chelsea participates as a member and advisor. For example, APUS partners with Wreaths Across America every year. Due to the nature of our school being virtual, it isn’t easy to participate in in-person events. For this event, Chelsea recruited her family and friends to show support to APUS, NSCS, & those who have served our country and paid the ultimate price. Chelsea has put the flame in the NSCS torch for the AMU|APU Chapter! Without her, we would not be the chapter we are, nor would we be able to continue without her dedication to the APUS students, alumni, faculty, and partners.”

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