Meet Dr. Reneta Lansiquot and Prof. Tamrah Cunningham: Co-Advisor Team of the Year

Reneta Lansiquot
Tamrah Cunningham

NSCS appreciates the hard work put in by each of our Chapter Advisors. Some of our advisors work as co-advisor teams, which takes a whole different type of coordination and dedication. As such, we are pleased to present the 2021 winners of the Co-Advisor Team of the Year Award: Dr. Reneta Lansiquot and Professor Tamrah Cunningham.

Dr. Lansiquot and Prof. Cunningham have served as co-advisors at New York City College of Technology since 2019. Throughout their tenure, they have worked hard to create a welcoming environment. Their kindness and helpfulness have served as a great example to others on campus.

One quality NSCS really likes to see in its members is the ability to collaborate and work well with others. Our members work to develop this skill, which will serve them well as they enter the workforce. Dr. Lansiquot and Prof. Cunningham set a shining example to students with their amazing teamwork. This past year, they assisted in finding new officers for the upcoming academic year, and we are confident those new officers will also serve NSCS well.

Joya Biswas, the Chapter President at City Tech, had this to say about our winning co-advisors:

“They help to develop the leadership potential within the group and promote a strong working relationship with all the officers.”

Leadership is one of the NSCS’ Three Pillars, so we are proud to see it embodied by our advisors, who will surely foster the same leadership qualities in their students.

To show our appreciation, Dr. Lansiquot and Prof. Cunningham have been presented with a $150 professional stipend and the opportunity to attend the Leadership Excellence and Advisor Development (LEAD) certification online course. We are thankful for the hard work put in by these incredible leaders. Congratulations on a job well done!

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