Charting a Path to Success: How NSCS Membership Enhances Post-College Planning and Life


We talk a lot about how NSCS membership helps enhance the college experience. Indeed, NSCS members have opportunities to participate in internships, develop leadership skills, and network with professionals in their field. But the benefits of joining NSCS don’t end once a student graduates. Rather, becoming an NSCS member is a choice that will keep paying back, again and again, as you enter your post-college life. Here are a few specific ways being an NSCS member will help you succeed after college.

More Job Opportunities

As graduation approaches, college students sometimes struggle to find entry-level positions that appeal to them. NSCS members tend to have more options than non-members. As an NCSC member, you’ll meet alumni who work at companies you may be interested in working for as well. You can reach out to these members to find out about job opportunities you may not have otherwise known about. Internships you participate in as a member may also lead to additional job opportunities. It’s good to have options. This way, you can choose the job offer you like best.

A More Diverse Skill Set

NSCS members have opportunities to develop a more well-rounded set of skills than their peers. As a member, you’ll interact and work with students from other majors, which further helps you diversify. This way, you’ll have more skills to feature on your resume when you begin applying for jobs. This will give you more options as to the type of future you decide to pursue. You may be able to enter a different field or pursue cross-field job opportunities.

A Larger, More Connected Network

Networking is a big part of NSCS membership. When you graduate with a large and diverse network, you have more people to reach out to about job opportunities. You also have more people to consult with when deciding which path to take. For example, if you are trying to choose between two job opportunities, you can consult a few people in your network for their opinions and take those opinions to heart as you make your choice. This approach and input will help you make wiser choices for your future.

Experience With Leadership

Many college students graduate with very little leadership experience, but not NSCS members! Whether you join National Leadership Council, become a Chapter Leader, or pursue volunteer opportunities in your community, you’ll graduate with plenty of leadership experience on your resume. This will not only open up more job opportunities for you, but will allow you to enter managerial roles earlier in your career. Plus, when you do enter a managerial role, you will have the skills to succeed and really develop in that role.

Mentorship Opportunities

As an NSCS member, you will have access to some of the very best mentors. But what we don’t mention often enough is that once you graduate, you can serve as a mentor to current NSCS members. This has amazing benefits for you as you continue to grow along your career path. Mentoring others will allow you to reflect on your own journey, stay in touch with the up-and-coming cohorts of graduates, and continue to hone your own leadership and networking skills. 

As you consider joining NSCS, we ask you to keep the above benefits in mind. Yes, joining NSCS will enrich your college experience in so many ways. But it will also continue to enrich your life and career once you graduate. As an NSCS member, you’ll be prepared to walk a well-planned path post-college. From leadership experience to mentorship opportunities, NSCS gives you what you need to succeed. 

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