GEICO Renews Support of NSCS Members Through DEI-Focused Scholarship Program to Support Students’ Higher Education Goals


The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) and GEICO announced today the renewal of a diversity, equity, and inclusion-focused scholarship program available exclusively to NSCS members to assist students in achieving their higher education goals. Through this program, GEICO is proud to offer 12 different scholarships that will help 35 NSCS members pay for their education.

GEICO is an industry leader in community investment. Whether it is feeding those in need, providing resources to students at Title I schools or amplifying its associates’ efforts with local nonprofits, GEICO is committed to campaigns and partnerships that engage communities in need and provide significant impact.

The NSCS/GEICO scholarships include:

  • NSCS Scholarship for Minority Students in STEM
  • NSCS First in the Family (first generation college student) Scholarship
  • NSCS Scholarship for Business Students with Disabilities
  • NSCS Scholarship for Military Veterans in STEM
  • NSCS Scholarship for Women in Business
  • NSCS Scholarship for Women in an MBA Program
  • NSCS Scholarship for LGBTQ Students in Business
  • NSCS Certificate Program Scholarships
  • NSCS HBCU Student of the Year – Changemaker Award
  • NSCS Latinx Student of the Year – Changemaker Award
  • NSCS AAPI Student of the Year – Changemaker Award
  • NSCS Students with Disabilities – Changemaker Award

“We are incredibly proud to renew and expand our scholarship program with NSCS,” said LaDonna Bond, GEICO’s Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. “At GEICO, we believe strongly in intentional inclusion and are deeply committed to making a lasting impact on the communities where our associates and customers live and serve through cultural, social, and civic engagement. These scholarships are an opportunity for us to support students from diverse backgrounds as they pursue their education.”

“We are very excited about GEICO’s increased commitment to NSCS members through their scholarship program,” said Stephen Loflin, Founder of NSCS. “Last year, NSCS and GEICO were able to support 15 students which was amazing. This year, GEICO has almost doubled their funding and will now be supporting 35 NSCS members from diverse backgrounds. In addition to the financial support, the recognition that comes with being selected as a GEICO scholarship recipient or GEICO Changemaker reinforces the academic and personal success our members have achieved, and we can’t thank GEICO enough for their support.”

In 2020, NSCS launched the Scholar Initiative to combat the rising cost of higher education for students. With a diverse membership, the goal was to increase opportunities for minority and marginalized communities. In 2021, NSCS was pleased to continue the partnership with GEICO to offer diversity-focused scholarships. Through these GEICO-sponsored scholarships, NSCS has been able to make an impact and support NSCS members who are first-generation students, minority students in STEM, HBCU and Latino/a/x students. This past year, NSCS expanded those opportunities to include new awards focused on Women in Business, the AAPI community and LGBTQ+ members. In total, 15 students were awarded $60,000 in scholarships!

The 2022 Scholarship Recipients were:

NSCS First in the Family Spring Award

  • Anastasia Duenas, Northern Virginia Community College
  • Madison Valdez, Weber State University
  • Soleil Kennerly, Prince George’s Community College

NSCS Scholarships for Minority Students in STEM

  • Alexis Martin, Florida State University
  • Anya Ramsamooj, University of California, Irvine
  • Jimiah Campbell, The University of Mississippi

NSCS Scholarships for Women in Business

  • Bailey Sims, Butler University
  • Madison Slater, Florida State University
  • Yasmin Yubran, George Mason University

NSCS Scholarships for LGBTQ Students in Business

  • Melanie Davis, University of Maryland Global Campus
  • Mercedes Leismeister, Iowa State University
  • Sara Quesinberry, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

NSCS HBCU Student of the Year: Changemaker Award

  • Yahmir Mohammed, Jackson State University

NSCS Latinx Student of the Year: Changemaker Award

  • Sidney Martin, Hillsborough Community College

NSCS AAPI Student of the Year: Changemaker Award

  • Kaylie Chong, University of California, Irvine
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