Does the NSCS Experience Help With Finding a Job Before or After College?


People attend college for a number of reasons. However, the core reason to attend college is to ready yourself for a career. Coursework can prepare you for the workplace in an educational sense, but some students still struggle with the softer skills required to enter and excel in the workforce. Honors societies, like NSCS, exist to fill that gap. As an NSCS member, you’ll gain experience and skills that make you a more competitive job applicant, both in college and after graduation.

Here are some of the key ways in which the NSCS experience opens doors for students seeking employment.


An internship is an invaluable part of the college experience. In an internship position, students get to continue learning, but in more of a workplace setting. Not only will an internship teach you skills and knowledge necessary for a certain industry, but it will also help you develop softer skills such as clear professional communication and confident leadership. 

NSCS offers a number of internships that are available only to members. These internships are in a range of fields, from political science to international relations. NSCS can also help you find an outside internship. Through networking, you may connect with a leader at a company you’re interested in interning for. Or, your peer mentor may point you towards and internship they once held.

Sometimes, internships lead directly to paying jobs after graduation. Other times, simply being able to list an internship on your resume opens doors to bigger, better positions.


Most people land their first job by connecting with someone in their network. Building a network can be a struggle, at first, and most students need a little guidance as they develop networking skills. NSCS members gain that experience, and they also start building their networks from day one.

When your network finds out you’re ready to look for a job, they can forward you opportunities they know of. Members of your network who you have worked with in the past can also serve as references and help you prepare for interviews. Having a solid network is like having your own cheering squad as you enter the workforce.

Service Opportunities

One of the Three Pillars at NSCS is service. To demonstrate service, our students generally volunteer in the community, often alongside organizations such as YMCA. But these service opportunities do not just exist to benefit the community. They are also an opportunity for NSCS members to gain experience organizing groups, working as a part of a team, and collaborating with diverse partners.

Students who gain experience through service are better prepared to enter the workplace as leaders and collaborators. Your service experience is a great item to include on your resume, and it may be what sets you apart from other applicants.

Leadership Development

Have you ever considered serving as an NSCS chapter leader, or perhaps as a member of the National Leadership Council? Students who take advantage of these leadership opportunities graduate with far more leadership experience than the average college student. This often qualifies them for management and supervisory roles that might otherwise take them several years to be promoted into. The better you develop as a leader, the more doors will open for you.

Every student aims to find a meaningful, rewarding job, either before or after graduation. NSCS membership can help prepare you for your job search, giving you both the experience and the soft skills that employers in every industry are looking for. Consider joining us as a member, and see how your own career blooms.

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