Can NSCS Help Me With Networking?


Participating in NSCS can really help you develop your networking skills. Not only will this help you find a great job after graduation, but it will go on to serve you well throughout your career. While other new hires are just beginning to learn how to network, former NSCS members can focus on honing and fine-tuning their skills. But how, exactly, does NSCS help you with networking? Take a look.

Internship Opportunities

NSCS has partnered with various companies and organizations across the United States and even internationally in order to offer internship opportunities to members. Through these internships, students can meet and work with leaders in various industries. These leaders can help members make other connections that will open up numerous job opportunities. Many interns end up being hired by their company upon graduation. Others work for closely related companies.

Participating in an internship also gives you plenty of opportunities to practice networking. As an intern, you’ll often be invited to meetings and conferences where you can chat with others in the industry and practice forming professional relationships. You’ll become more comfortable in these settings and more adept at interacting with others in your industry.


NSCS members gain access to a wide range of educational webinars. These webinars are all created with students in mind, and they are intended to focus on skills best learned outside of the classroom. Networking is definitely one of those skills. By participating in a few webinars in your spare time, you can learn new networking techniques that you can put to good use as you begin preparing to enter the workforce.

Alumni Mentors

There are over 750,000 NSCS alumni, and many of them are more than happy to connect with current members. These alumni can serve as mentors, helping to guide you on your career path. Networking with them is a great way to start down your career path. They may point you to specific job opportunities, tell you what to focus on when it comes time to find a job, or even help you fine tune your interviewing skills. NSCS, including current members and alumni, is a network — a network that’s waiting for you.

Service Opportunities

Service is one of the three pillars of NSCS, and members take serving their community seriously! While volunteering in the community is primarily a way to give back and help others, it can also be a great way to build your network. You’ll meet others who share your passion for service.

Often, NSCS works alongside other organizations, like local YMCA chapters, which means you’ll get to meet the leaders of these organizations. You can learn what their jobs are like, ask them about similar opportunities, and perhaps even use them as references when you begin your job search.

Building a network is a long process that generally starts when one is still in college. NSCS can help make sure your networking efforts get off to a great start. Through mentoring programs, internships, service projects, and webinars, NSCS helps members connect with people — and develop the skills to better connect with people. Then one day, when you’re a well-connected professional, you can give back by mentoring new NSCS members.

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