5 Characteristics of an NSCS Scholar


NSCS members come from all over the world. We have members from a wide array of universities and colleges, and across the full range of majors and specialties. Each NSCS member is their own unique person, and this diversity is part of what makes NSCS wonderful. However, there are a few key characteristics that our scholars tend to share.


NSCS scholars are not happy just getting by. Rather, these students tend to be high-achievers who want to do more, jump higher, and truly excel. By joining NSCS, students are enhancing their college experience. They’re exposing themselves to networking opportunities, internships, and even study abroad programs that would not be otherwise available to them.

Participating in these programs takes additional effort, but NSCS scholars are so motivated that they’re happy to put in that effort. They know it will pay off, helping them find great jobs and opportunities after graduation.


Look around at the professionals who you admire. Chances are, all of those admired professionals are dedicated to their profession. They’ve faced challenges along the way, but they’ve stayed the course and continued working towards their goals. As the next generation of admired professionals, NSCS students share this dedication.

So often, we have met new NSCS members who are just starting on their way towards a goal. Maybe that goal is to be accepted to law school, or perhaps it is to get a job at a certain firm upon graduation. Throughout their college careers, these students remain dedicated to those goals, using NSCS opportunities as a way to achieve them. And more often than not, these students do achieve those goals, thanks to their own dedication.


“Service” is one of the three pillars of NSCS. Our members are involved in the community. They work with organizations like the YMCA and local food pantries to help those in need.  By exercising their giving nature, these scholars learn how they can make a difference. So often, after they graduate, members remain involved in their local community and continue striving to make a difference.

Some of our members return as mentors and NSCS employees after they graduate. Through these pathways, they are able to continue giving back to other scholars.


Someone with an open mind is willing and able to consider others’ perspectives, exercise empathy to others’ positions, and change their own mind when presented with new evidence. Our scholars are known for their open mindedness. So many enter NSCS as good listeners, and while they are members, they become even better at listening, considering other perspectives, and developing informed opinions.

Open mindedness is such an asset in society, and across many different industries. It’s a characteristic that serves our scholars well not only in college, but as employees.


NSCS really encourages members to work together. Some help lead their local chapters. Others work to organize community service events. Our scholars take well to these arrangements because they tend to understand the value of collaboration. They learn from each other, learn to compromise, and develop skills as leaders. When members graduate and move into the workforce, this ability to collaborate allows them to work well with their superiors and seek promotions more quickly.

We encourage every NSCS student to be themselves and let their own unique personality shine. At the same time, we are really proud that our members tend to be collaborative, motivated, dedicated, open-minded, and giving people. These are all essential qualities to have, not only in the workforce, but as members of society.

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