Who Should Consider an NSCS Membership?


NSCS has members all across the country. Some of our members are history majors. Others are biology majors. Still others are studying political science, sociology, philosophy, or business. We love that our organization is able to benefit such a diverse range of students from various backgrounds. But this does often bring up the question: who should consider an NSCS membership? 

We would argue that any student can benefit from being a part of NSCS. However, there are a few types of students, in particular, who really thrive as members and gain multiple benefits from the experience.

Students Who Want Leadership Experience

The average college experience gives a student many opportunities for scholastic achievement. This is the focus of most college couses. However, it is also important for students to develop leadership skills in college. Many college programs do not have too many opportunities for leadership experience built in. So, students who want to grow as leaders have to look for their own ways to develop leadership skills. Joining NSCS can be a great way to grow as a leader.

Some NSCS members become chapter leaders. Others help organize community service projects, which gives them a chance to lead and guide others. These and other leadership experiences make for more well-rounded graduates who are able to excel in the workplace from day one.

Students Who Want Networking Experience

Networking is a great way to learn more about the career opportunities available to you. It can also help open doors in the workforce. However, networking skills do not come naturally to everyone. Students who need to hone their networking skills often benefit greatly from NSCS membership.

Students who join NSCS are, in effect, joining a network of alumni and current students. Members can meet with mentors in their field to practice networking, and also to start forming a network. There are also internships available to NSCS members, and these internships can be a good starting point for students to start making connections and creating a network in their chosen career field.

Students Who Want to Give Back

A big piece of being a part of a community is giving back to that community. NSCS can give students a framework for that service. Since service is one of the three pillars of NSCS, there are plenty of opportunities for members to get involved in local charitable organizations and community resources.

For instance, some chapters coordinate with their local YMCA to organize fundraising events. Other chapters have held events in conjunction with food pantries and shelters. Not only do members get the opportunity to give back directly through these service projects, but they also learn how to be of service — a skill they can keep drawing on as they graduate and enter the workforce.

Students Who Want a More Diverse Perspective

Often times, students enrolled in specific degree programs get a limited perspective in their coursework. For example, a chemistry student will learn a lot of chemistry, but they may not get a lot of opportunities to learn about presenting, working on a team, or balancing work and life. NSCS provides opportunities for members to experience more diverse perspectives outside of their own major. This may open the door to new career opportunities or interests.

NSCS members come from all different backgrounds. That’s one of the beautiful things about our organization. Our members are able to come together, learn from each other, and enhance each other’s college experiences along the way. If you’re interested in leadership, networking, service, and expansion, you’ll fit right in as an NSCS member.

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