Should My Student Join an Honor Society?


Do you have a high-achieving student who is looking for additional ways to set themselves apart and enhance their college experience? While there are many ways to achieve this, one exceptional option is for that student to join an honors society.

Honors societies have long been designed with high-achieving students in mind. Being a member of an honors society is not just a chance to put another feather in one’s cap, so to speak. It is a chance to enrich the college experience and broaden one’s horizons past the opportunities offered in the classroom. Here are some specific opportunities available for students who join an honors society like NSCS.


It’s no secret that college costs are rising. Thankfully, there are many opportunities for students to save on tuition and related costs via scholarships. By joining an honors society, your student will gain access to additional scholarships. Generally, there are some scholarships that are awarded exclusively to honors society members. The honors society may also help your student find outside scholarships to apply for.

Some scholarships can be really competitive. Students who belong to an honors society can often seek help from alumni, mentors, and older peers in applying for scholarships. A few well-informed tweaks to an application can make a huge difference.

Mentorship Opportunities

Even the most intelligent, high-achieving student has a lot to learn about professionalism, careers, and leadership. Unfortunately, this knowledge is not taught in a classroom. Most students who graduate from college with a good understanding of these concepts have had suitable mentors. Finding a mentor is not always easy. That person not only needs to share the student’s interests and goals, but they must have a compatible personality. 

Joining an honors society is a great way for your student to find a mentor who can guide them and offer personalized advice. The best honors societies have formal mentorship programs. They’ll connect each student with an alumnus, older peer, or graduating member. Later on, your student can give back by serving as a mentor themselves, which has its own rewards.


In a typical classroom setting, college students often only interact with those who are in their same program or major. In the working world, however, employees need to be able to collaborate with those in different fields. Joining an honors society is a great way for your student to start experiencing this cross-discipline collaboration. 

Most honors societies welcome students in all majors. Their volunteer programs and leadership opportunities are usually structured to encourage students with different backgrounds to work together, discover each other’s strong suits, and learn to think as a group.

Community Involvement

Students in college do not always feel like they are a part of the greater community outside of their school. Joining an honors society can be a good way for your student to connect with others and become involved.

The best honors societies often run community volunteer programs with local charities and non profits. Your student will get to interact with the leaders at these organizations, who may be able to give them references once they move into the working world. Plus, working together for the good of the community is helps broaden their experience.

High-achieving students are often looking for a little more than they are offered in the classroom alone. Joining an honors society is a great way for them to get that enrichment. If you have a student who you believe could benefit from community involvement, scholarship opportunities, networking, and mentorship, feel free to tell them about NSCS. We’re here for students like them.

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