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Planning to Achieve Collegiate Excellence (PACE)

Although students have ambitious educational and career aspirations, more than one-fifth of them are not graduating high school in four years according to the Department of Education. These students do not have the essential information, resources, or support to effectively prepare for college – they need help to direct them toward the path of college and career readiness. The NSCS Planning to Achieve Collegiate Excellence (PACE) Program empowers college students at NSCS chapters across the country to create local programs with a school or organization; this partnership helps increase the likelihood that those students graduate from high school and are effectively prepared for college. PACE consists of the following three components:

Mentoring/Tutoring Program: NSCS chapters partner with local middle- and high-school age students (traditionally underserved populations) and meet with participants from those schools on a recurring basis to encourage them to graduate high school.

Assemblies: NSCS chapters host assemblies at partnering schools on various topics covering college preparedness (i.e., expectations, financial aid, helpful high school courses).

March to College™ Day: NSCS chapters host PACE program participants on their campus for a day of activities to give them an example of what a day in the life of a college student can feel like.

New Member Induction Ceremony

New Member Induction Ceremonies typically take place in the fall on campus around the country. The New Member Induction Ceremony provides members the opportunity to be formally inducted into the Society, receive their membership pins, learn more about NSCS, and meet chapter leadership. Follow your chapter on social media (Facebook and Twitter) and on Scholar Central for updates about ongoing activities and your New Member Induction Ceremony, which you’ll begin to learn about over the summer! Parents, friends, and family are encouraged to attend the Induction Ceremony to help recognize students’ scholastic achievements and commitment to their campus community.

All students will receive an email with information on their induction ceremony.

If you have questions about Induction, take a look at our FAQs.

Active Minds

NSCS has partnered with Active Minds, the nation’s leading nonprofit working to empower young adults to change the culture around mental health. Through education, research, and advocacy, Active Minds is creating a cultural shift in the way mental health is valued in our communities.  Embracing the power of peers to change the conversation about mental health, we believe young people will be the drivers of change.

To learn more about NSCS’s partnership with Active Minds, check out their website

Integrity Week

Each year during the second week of February, NSCS chapters around the nation host Integrity Week. NSCS’ integrity initiative was inspired by a national ethics project created by the Association of College Honor Societies.

Integrity Week 2021: February 8-12

Monday: Academic Integrity
Tuesday: Professional Integrity
Wednesday: Wellness Integrity featuring Active Minds
Thursday: Personal Character Integrity
Friday: Social Integrity

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