NSCS Students explain the Three Pillars


At NSCS, we like to take a multi-faceted approach to student development, and that approach is well illustrated by something we like to call The Three Pillars. These are the three pillars upon which our honor society is built, and upon which our members build their experience. They are: Scholarship, Leadership, and Service.

Scholarship: The First Pillar

Scholarship is generally defined as the pursuit of academic achievement. Simply attending college is an act of scholarship, but it’s a little more than that. Francisco Guerrero, an NSCS member from Arizona State University, explained scholarship well when he said, 

“To me, scholarship means trying to pursue knowledge in ways that matter to you.”

We really agree with Francisco’s definition of scholarship, and we think it illustrates how scholarship can differ between students. To some, scholarship may involve spending a lot of hours in a laboratory, learning specific techniques. To others, it may mean reading books by the most notable experts on various topics. 

At NSCS, we focus on supporting our members so they are better able to pursue scholarship in the ways best suited to them. Our scholarship opportunities are a great example of how we use this pillar. We have 26 scholarships available specifically for NSCS members, and we also help our members find and qualify for scholarships through other organizations.

Our scholarships are not limited to specific career fields and can be used by students in any major or discipline — because, as Francisco stated, scholarship is about pursuing knowledge in ways that matter to you. We’ve awarded scholarships to students in science fields, the arts, business, and an array of other academic specialties. 

Leadership: The Second Pillar

Most people are not born as great leaders; they learn to be great leaders. At NSCS, we believe so strongly in the benefits of leadership experience that we consider leadership to be our second pillar. Many students do not gain a lot of leadership experience through their college coursework alone, and so membership in NSCS can be a great way to round out that development.

Our members have the opportunity to work as leaders for their local chapter. They can gain hands-on experience organizing events and networking with other students. Every two weeks, NSCS also releases Scholar Connection, a publication that includes, among other things, plenty of leadership building content. As members read and learn from this content, their understanding of leadership will grow, giving them a leg up when they eventually join the workforce.

There are also plenty of other professional development and leadership opportunities through NSCS. Some chapters, for example, offer public speaking workshops. Since public speaking skills are essential for any good leader, these workshops help members prepare for post-graduation employment.

Service: The Third Pillar

If you want to live in a great society, you need to help make that society great! This is why NSCS has designated service as our third pillar. We offer lots of opportunities for members to engage with and help build the communities around them.

NSCS members can participate in whatever service projects they personally find the most meaningful. We have had chapters organize Halloween parties through their local YMCA chapters. Other students have given back by organizing fundraising walks or talking to younger students about applying to college.

NSCS is a multifaceted organization that gives back to its members in many ways. Through Scholarship, Leadership, and Service, we help members better their whole selves and enjoy an enhanced college experience. 

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