Is The National Society of Collegiate Scholars Legit?


Is The National Society of Collegiate Scholars Legit?

One of the most common questions students have when they are considering joining NSCS is, “Is the National Society of Collegiate Scholars Legit?” We can’t blame them for wondering and asking. It’s definitely smart of them to want to ensure a society they’re joining is legitimate, especially in this era when scams seem to be hiding around every corner. At NSCS, we can tell you this: we’re legitimate — but we don’t just want your to take our word for it. Weigh the evidence for yourself.

Signs of a Legitimate Honor Society

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Sadly, there are some so-called honor societies that exist solely to take students’ money without offering anything in return.We’re not one of them. NSCS is accredited with the Association of College Honors Societies. This is the only certifying agencies for college honor societies in the U.S., and their standards are pretty high. You can visit their website to learn more about what ACHS certification means. We would recommend students avoid joining any honors society that is not certified by ACHS.

NSCS is also a registered, 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our goal is not to profit off of our members.

Finally, we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, an organization that has a long history of verifying and backing legitimate companies, and drawing customers’ attention to organizations that do not treat members and clients appropriately. As in college, an A+ from the BBB is a really great grade, and one that we’re proud to have earned.

NSCS Founder Steve Loflin answers: “Is the National Society of Collegiate Scholars legit?”

NSCS Founder Steve Loflin answers: “Is the National Society of Collegiate Scholars legit?”

Benefits Members Enjoy

Another sign of our legitimacy is the many benefits that our members enjoy. We do not just take our members’ names and add them to a list for the sake of it. Rather, our main focus is creating great opportunities for the students in our society.

Our students have sole access to hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarship money. They have unique internship opportunities with political groups, domestic companies, and international organizations. They have opportunities to become chapter leaders, organize service projects in their own communities, and so much more. We want our students to get out there and make a difference, and we stand behind them every step of the way.


NSCS is also proud to have been endorsed by many college professors, presidents, and administrators. Among them are Dr. Mark Schlissel from University of Michigan, who remarked “Honor societies like the NSCS contribute greatly to our academic community. Our chapter members receive lasting benefits from your vision and generosity, and I am grateful.” and Kent Syverud from Syracuse University, who stated ““Thank you for providing an opportunity for our high-achieving undergraduate students to showcase their commitment to scholarship, leadership and service. The support and professional development you provide to our students is very generous.

There are certainly “scam” honor societies out there, but NSCS is proud to say we’re not one  of them. We exist to help our members gain meaningful experiences that serve them throughout their college years and beyond. Our numerous endorsements from students, educators, and organizations like ACHS are indications of our legitimacy and badges that we wear proudly.

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